1928 in American television

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This is a list of American television-related events in 1928.


Date Event
April W2XBS, RCA's first television station, is established in New York City.
May 10 The first regular schedule of television programming begins in Schenectady, New York by the General Electric's television station W2XB (the station was popularly known as WGY Television; after its sister radio station, WGY). A half-hour program of farm and weather reports is broadcast on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons using 24 lines. Kolin Hager is the first U.S. newscaster.
July 2 Jenkins Laboratories' W3XK station begins broadcasting on 6.42 MHz using 48 lines. The broadcasts are designed to be received by the general public. The station operated until 1932.
August 22 Alfred E. Smith accepts the Democratic presidential nomination, with WGY/W2XB simulcasting the event on radio and television. This was the first live broadcast and the first remote television news event.
September 11 Kenmore's WMAK station starts broadcasting in Buffalo, New York.


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