1929 Úrvalsdeild

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Statistics of Úrvalsdeild in the 1929 season.


In 1929 six teams entered with ÍBA playing for the first time and ÍBV returning. The rules of the competition stated that, if more than five teams entered, the championship should be decided in a knock-out competition. Because two teams had travelled a far distance to get to the championship (all matches were still played in Reykjavík), it was decided that the competition would be a two-loss elimination. .[1]

KR won the championship.

League standings[edit]

Club Score Club Comments
Víkingur 3-0 ÍB Akureyri
Valur 4-1 ÍBV
KR 7-1 Fram
ÍBV 4-1 Víkingur
Valur 0-0 ÍB Akureyri
ÍBV 2-1 Fram Fram is eliminated
KR 2-1 Víkingur Víkingur is eliminated
Valur 4-0 ÍB Akureyri ÍBA is eliminated
KR 3-0 ÍBV ÍBV is eliminated
KR 3-1 Valur Final


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