1929 Railway Cup Hurling Championship

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1929 Railway Cup
Date 17 March 1929
Teams Leinster
Champions Munster (2nd title)
Tournament statistics
Matches played 1
1928 (Previous) (Next) 1930

The 1929 Railway Cup Hurling Championship was the third Inter-Provincial Championship, an annual hurling competition contested by two of the four provinces of Ireland. The tournament was held on 17 March 1929.

The championship was contested by Leinster and Munster. Ulster once again decided not to field a team while Connacht were struck out of the championship. Munster won the championship for the second year in-a-row.


Final: (1 match) Leinster and Munster, who both received a bye to this stage, contested this game.


Railway Cup[edit]

Munster 5–3 – 3–1 Leinster


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