1930 Albanian Superliga

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Albanian Superliga
Season 1930
Champions KF Tirana
Matches played 32
Goals scored 80 (2.5 per match)
Top goalscorer Rexhep Maçi & Emil Hajnali
(both SK Tirana, 3 goals)
Biggest home win Skënderbeu 4-0 Urani
Biggest away win Urani 0-4 SK Tirana
Highest scoring SK Tirana 2-4 Skënderbeu Korçë

The 1930 Albanian Championship was the first edition of the Albanian Superliga, which ran from 6 April until 6 July. It was the first ever official football competition in Albania run by the newly formed Albanian Football Association, as the 1911 Albanian Championship was not run by the AFA and is not yet recognised. The six original members were Urani Elbasan, Teuta Durrës, Skënderbeu Korçë, Bashkimi Shkodran, Sportklub Tiranë and Sportklub Vlorë who agreed to play a ten-game format whereby each team would host each of their five rivals once with two points awarded for a win and one point awarded for a drawn game. The two teams with the most points at the end of the regular season of the competition would then enter a championship playoff where they would play each other twice and the champions would be crowned based on the aggregate score of the home and away ties, however this playoff was not actually played due to forfeit.

Sportklub Tiranë were declared the inaugural champions of Albania following two technical victories over Skënderbeu Korçë in the championship playoffs, taking their seasonal total to seven wins, four draws and one loss.


Teams by locations[edit]

Team Location
Urani Elbasan Elbasan
KF Teuta Durrës Durrës
Skënderbeu Korçë Korçë
Bashkimi Shkodran Shkodër
Sportklub Tiranë Tiranë
Sportklub Vlorë Vlorë


The competition was the first official national football competition to be held in Albania and it featured six sides from across Albania, which were Urani Elbasan, Teuta Durrës, Skënderbeu Korçë, Bashkimi Shkodran, Sportklub Tiranë and Sportklub Vlorë. Each team played each other twice during two phases, and the top two ranked teams entered the championship playoff which would have been a two-game playoff decided on the aggregate score for the championship title. Each win during the regular season was worth two points, with a draw worth one point and a loss worth none. The first phase was held between 6 April and 4 May, and the second phase was held between 11 May and 22 June. The playoff finals were planned on 22 June and 6 July, but they did not take place due to Skënderbeu Korçë's forfeit of both games.

The playoff finals were not played following Skënderbeu Korçë's forfeit, which was a sign of protest against the bias of the competition and the Albanian Football Association towards the Sportklub Tiranë. Both games were awarded 2-0 to Sportklub Tiranë thus crowning them the first champions of Albania.

League standings[edit]

Pos Team Pld Won Drw Lst GF GA Pts GD Notes
1 SK Tiranë 10 5 4 1 17 7 14 +10 Championship Play-off
2 KS Skënderbeu Korçë 10 5 4 1 14 5 14 +9
3 Bashkimi Shkodran 10 4 5 1 20 14 13 +6
4 KS Teuta Durrës 10 3 2 5 12 17 8 -5
5 Urani Elbasan 10 3 1 6 9 20 7 -11
6 Sportklub Vlorë 10 1 2 7 4 13 4 -9

Note: 'Bashkimi Shkodran' is Vllaznia, 'Urani' is KS Elbasani and 'Sportklub Vlorë' is Flamurtari

Championship Playoff[edit]

Skënderbeu - KF Tirana 0:2 (technical victory)
KF Tirana - Skënderbeu 2:0 (technical victory)

Scheduled for June 29 and July 6 but Skënderbeu forfeited both matches, and KF Tirana was awarded by technical victories, so they became first Albanian champions.


The KF Tirana Squad
Bashkimi Shkodran 3–2 2–4 2–1 3–3 1–1
KF Tirana 1–1 0–0 3–0 3–0 3–1
Skënderbeu Korçë 0–0 0–0 0–0 2–0 4–0
Sportklub Vlorë 1–1 0–1 2–0 0–1 1–2
Teuta Durrës 2–3 2–2 0–2 1–0 3–1
Urani 0–4 0–2 1–2 2–0 1–0

Source: soccerway.com
^ The home team is listed in the left-hand column.
Colours: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.

Season statistics[edit]


Top scorers[edit]

  • Incomplete: only statistics from Sportklub Tiranë, Skënderbeu Korçë and Bashkimi Shkodran are recorded
Rank Player Team Goals
1 Albania Rexhep Maçi Sportklub Tiranë 3
Albania Emil Hajnali Sportklub Tiranë
2 Albania Hilmi Kosova Sportklub Tiranë 2
Albania Aristotel Samsuri Skënderbeu Korçë
3 Albania Qazim Dervishi Bashkimi Shkodran 1
Albania Paç Koliqi Bashkimi Shkodran
Albania Gjon Kiçi Bashkimi Shkodran
Albania Vaso Polena Skënderbeu Korçë
Albania M. Sheke Skënderbeu Korçë

Team sheets[edit]

SK Tirana[edit]

Rudolf Gurashi, Abdullah Shehri, Irfan Gjinali, Xhelal Kashari, Vasil Kajano, Gjon Sabati, Llazar Miha, Mark Gurashi, Bexhet Jolldashi, Shefqet Ndroqi, Isuf Dashi, Adem Karapici, Hysen Kusi, Mustafa Begolli, Hilmi Kosova, Emil Hajnali, Rexhep Maci and Selman Stërmasi as player-manager.

Skënderbeu Korçë[edit]

Klani Marjani, S. Grabocka, A. Çani, S. Peristeri, M. Sheko, Y. Tomçe, V. Karoli, Xh. Dishnica, Aristotel Samsuri, Anton Mazreku, S. Kandili, Vaso Polena.

Bashkimi Shkodran[edit]

H. Llukaçeviç, N. Luka, H. Staka, M. Halili, Sh. Llukaçeviç, A. Paçrami, Qazim Dervishi, Paç Koliqi, R. Krasniqi, Sh. Koçiçi, L. Radoja, Gjon Kiçi