1930 All-Big Ten Conference football team

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The 1930 All-Big Ten Conference football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Big Ten Conference teams chosen by various selectors for the 1930 Big Ten Conference football season.

All Big-Ten selections[edit]


  • Frank Baker, Northwestern (AP-1, UP-1, NEA-1, Coaches-1, KR-1)
  • Wes Fesler, Ohio State (AP-1, UP-1, NEA-1, Coaches-1, KR-1)
  • Paul Moss, Purdue (AP-2, UP-2, NEA-2, Coaches-2)
  • Milton Gantenbein, Wisconsin (AP-2, UP-2, NEA-2, Coaches-2)
  • Ivy Williamson, Michigan (UP-3)
  • Laurence E. Oliphant, Northwestern (UP-3)



  • Wade Woodworth, Northwestern (AP-1, UP-1, NEA-1 Coaches-1, KR-1)
  • Biggie Munn, Minnesota (AP-2, UP-1, NEA-1, Coaches-1)
  • Greg Kabat, Wisconsin (AP-1, UP-2, NEA-2, Coaches-2, KR-1)
  • George Stears, Purdue (AP-2, UP-2, NEA-2, Coaches-2)
  • Horwitz, Chicago (UP-3)
  • Joe Zeller, Indiana (UP-3)


  • Maynard Morrison, Michigan (AP-1, UP-1, NEA-1, Coaches-1, KR-1)
  • Ookie Miller, Purdue (AP-2, UP-2, NEA-2, Coaches-2)
  • Robert E. Clark, Northwestern (UP-3)


  • Harry Newman, Michigan (AP-1, UP-1, NEA-2, Coaches-1 [hb], KR-1)
  • Jack White, Purdue (AP-2, UP-2, NEA-1, Coaches-1)
  • Leo Jensvold, Iowa (UP-3)


  • Lee Hanley, Northwestern (AP-1, UP-1, NEA-1, Coaches-2 [quarterback])
  • Eddie Risk, Purdue (AP-1, UP-2, Coaches-1, KR-1)
  • Lew Hinchman, Ohio State (UP-1, NEA-2)
  • Jack Wheeler, Michigan (AP-2, UP-3, NEA-2)
  • Gil Berry, Illinois (AP-2, UP-3, NEA-2, Coaches-2, KR-1)
  • Hank Bruder, Northwestern (UP-2, Coaches-2, NEA-2 [fullback])



AP = Associated Press, selected by coaches, referees and sports writers[1][2]

NEA = Newspaper Enterprise Association[2]

UP = United Press[3][4]

Coaches = selected by vote of nine of ten head coaches in the Big Ten, with the exception of Amos Alonzo Stagg who declined to participate[5]

KR = Knute Rockne[2]

Bold = Consensus first-team selection of both the AP and UP

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