1930 Coupe de France Final

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The 1930 Coupe de France Final was a football match held at Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir, Colombes on April 27, 1930, that saw FC Sète defeat RC Paris 3–1 thanks to goals by Alexandre Friedmann and Yvan Bek (2).

Match details[edit]

FC Sète 3–1 RC Paris
Friedmann Goal 88'
Bek Goal 94' Goal 111'
Lhottka Goal 80'
GK ' France Charles Frondas
DF ' Edward Skiller
DF ' France André Chardar
DF ' France Louis Cazal "Pierrot" (c)
DF ' Kingdom of Yugoslavia Ljubiša Stefanović
MF ' France Emile Féjean
MF ' France Xavier Lucibello
FW ' Kingdom of Yugoslavia France Ivan Bek
FW ' France Gustave Dubus
FW ' Hungary Alexandre Friedmann
FW ' France Raoul Durand
England Sydney Regan

Assistant Referees:
Fourth Official:

GK ' France André Tassin
DF ' Spain France Manuel Anatol (c)
DF ' France Marcel Capelle
DF ' France Paul Guézou
DF ' France Jean Gautheroux
MF ' France Alexandre Villaplane
MF ' France Henri Veyssade
FW ' France Henri Ozenne
FW ' Hungary Ferenc Lhottka
FW ' France Emile Veinante
FW ' France Marcel Galey

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