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The knockout stage of the 1930 FIFA World Cup was played between 26 July and 30 July 1930. The semi-finals were played on 26 July and 27 July, with two rest days before the final on 30 July.


According to the format of the tournament,[1] the 13 participants were divided into four pools. The winner of each group would progress to the semi-finals knockout stage.

The four teams that qualified for the semi-finals were Argentina, Uruguay, United States and Yugoslavia. Since there were no predefined brackets, a draw took place in July 23[2] to decide the semi-final meetings. Hosts Uruguay were drawn to play Yugoslavia. Argentina and the United States would contest the other semi-final.


Argentina vs United States[edit]

The match was even until American center-half Raphael Tracey was injured in the 19th minute. Soon after, Argentina scored the opener with their own center-half, Luis Monti. Tracey left the game at half-time and, since no substitutions were allowed at the time, the United States had to play the second half with 10 men. They also saw goalkeeper Jimmy Douglas hurt his shoulder 15 minutes into the second half. The Argentines scored five more times and went on to win the match, becoming the first team qualified for a World Cup final.[3]

July 26, 1930
14:45 UYT
Argentina  6–1  United States
Monti Goal 20'
Scopelli Goal 56'
Stábile Goal 69'87'
Peucelle Goal 80'85'
Report Brown Goal 89'
Estadio Centenario, Montevideo
Attendance: 72,886
Referee: John Langenus, Belgium
GK Juan Botasso
FB José Della Torre
FB Fernando Paternoster
HB Juan Evaristo
HB Luis Monti
HB Rodolfo Orlandini
FW Carlos Peucelle
FW Alejandro Scopelli
FW Guillermo Stábile
FW Manuel Ferreira (c)
FW Mario Evaristo
Francisco Olazar
Juan José Tramutola
GK Jimmy Douglas
FB Alexander Wood
FB George Moorhouse
HB Jimmy Gallagher
HB Raphael Tracey Substituted off 45'
HB Andy Auld
FW Billy Gonsalves
FW Tom Florie (c)
FW Bert Patenaude
FW Jim Brown
FW Bart McGhee
Bob Millar

Uruguay vs Yugoslavia[edit]

Yugoslavia opened the score in the 4th minute with Đorđe Vujadinović and had a disallowed goal in the 9th. The Uruguayans made a recovery and Pedro Cea equalized. They took the lead still in the first half with two more goals. In the second half, the host nation sealed the result three more times, and Cea completed a hat-trick. The Yugoslavs heavily contested refereeing decisions on the third and fourth Uruguayan goals, but to no avail. Uruguay advanced to the final in home soil.[3]

July 27, 1930
14:45 UYT
Uruguay  6–1  Yugoslavia
Cea Goal 18'67'72'
Anselmo Goal 20'31'
Iriarte Goal 61'
Report Vujadinović Goal 4'
Estadio Centenario, Montevideo
Attendance: 79,867
Referee: Almeida Rêgo, Brazil
GK Enrique Ballestrero
FB José Nasazzi (c)
FB Ernesto Mascheroni
HB José Andrade
HB Lorenzo Fernández
HB Álvaro Gestido
FW Pablo Dorado
FW Héctor Scarone
FW Peregrino Anselmo
FW Pedro Cea
FW Santos Iriarte
Alberto Suppici
GK Milovan Jakšić
FB Milutin Ivković (c)
FB Dragoslav Mihajlović
HB Milorad Arsenijević
HB Ljubiša Stefanović
HB Momčilo Đokić
FW Aleksandar Tirnanić
FW Blagoje Marjanović
FW Ivan Bek
FW Đorđe Vujadinović
FW Branislav Sekulić
Boško Simonović

Final – Uruguay vs Argentina[edit]

30 July 1930
15:30 UYT (UTC-03:30)
Uruguay  4–2  Argentina
Dorado Goal 12'
Cea Goal 57'[4]
Iriarte Goal 68'
Castro Goal 89'
Report Peucelle Goal 20'
Stábile Goal 37'[4]
Estadio Centenario, Montevideo
Attendance: 68,346
Referee: John Langenus (Belgium)
GK Enrique Ballestrero
RB José Nasazzi (c)
LB Ernesto Mascheroni
RH José Andrade
LH Álvaro Gestido
CH Lorenzo Fernández
IR Héctor Scarone
IL Pedro Cea
OR Pablo Dorado
CF Héctor Castro
OL Santos Iriarte
Alberto Suppici
URU-ARG 1930-FIN-CM.svg
GK Juan Botasso
RB José Della Torre
LB Fernando Paternoster
RH Pedro Suárez
LH Juan Evaristo
CH Luis Monti
IR Manuel Ferreira (c)
IL Francisco Varallo
OR Mario Evaristo
CF Guillermo Stábile
OL Carlos Peucelle
Francisco Olazar
Juan José Tramutola


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