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List of years in television (table)
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The year 1930 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events in 1930.

Global television events[edit]

  • May 22 – An audience at Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady, New York becomes the first to see a closed-circuit television signal projected onto a big screen.
  • July 14 – For the first time in the United Kingdom, a television drama is broadcast. The drama is a production of Luigi Pirandello's The Man With the Flower in His Mouth; it is broadcast by the BBC from Baird's studios at 133 Long Acre, London.[1]
  • November 5 – Baird television transmissions at Hairdressing Fair of Fashion include the world's first television commercial for the Eugène Method of permanent hair waving.
  • December 7 – W1XAV in Boston, Massachusetts broadcasts the first television commercial in the United States, of I.J Fox Furriers during The Fox Trappers.


Date Name Notability
January 1 Ty Hardin U.S. actor (Bronco) (died 2017)
January 3 Robert Loggia U.S. actor (died 2015)
January 4 Sorrell Booke U.S. actor (died 1994)
Rosemary Prinz U.S. actress (As the World Turns)
January 6 Vic Tayback U.S. actor (Alice) (died 1990)
February 8 Alejandro Rey Argentinian-born actor (The Flying Nun) (died 1987)
February 10 Robert Wagner U.S. actor (It Takes a Thief, Switch, Hart to Hart)
March 30 John Astin U.S. actor (The Addams Family)
April 7 Andrew Sachs German-born British actor (died 2016)
April 19 Dick Sargent U.S. actor (Bewitched) (died 1994)
April 23 Alan Oppenheimer U.S. actor
April 25 Lynn Hamilton U.S. actress (Sanford and Son)
April 28 Carolyn Jones U.S. actress (The Addams Family) (died 1983)
May 10 Pat Summerall American football player and sportscaster (died 2013)
May 31 Clint Eastwood U.S. director and actor (Rawhide)
June 12 Jim Nabors U.S. actor, singer (Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.) (died 2017)
July 14 Polly Bergen U.S. actress (died 2014)
July 17 Ray Galton British writer (died 2018)
August 16 Frank Gifford American football player and sportscaster (died 2015)
Robert Culp U.S. actor (I Spy) (died 2010)
August 25 Graham Jarvis U.S. actor (died 2003)
August 28 Ben Gazzara U.S. actor (Run for Your Life) (died 2012)
September 11 Cathryn Damon U.S. actress (died 1987)
September 16 Anne Francis U.S. actress (Honey West) (died 2011)
November 3 Larry Gelman U.S. actor (The Bob Newhart Show)
November 15 Whitman Mayo U.S. actor (Sanford and Son) (died 2001)
December 4 Ronnie Corbett British comedian (died 2016)
December 9 Buck Henry U.S. writer, actor, director
December 21 Phil Roman U.S. animator



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