1932–33 French Rugby Union Championship

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1932–33 French Rugby Union Championship
Countries  France
Champions Lyon OU
Runners-up Narbonne

The 1932-33 French Rugby Championship was won by Lyon OU that defeated Narbonne in the final.

In this edition, there were the "come back" of the 14 club of the UFRA (Union française de rugby amateur) after two year of separated championship.

Really, the team readmitted were 12, because the Stade Nantais restart from the second division and the US Narbonne disappeared. In any case were 54 the teams admitted at the championship, divided in 6 pools of nine

Six team participating at previous edition were not qualified: Cognac, Lorrain, Romans-Péage, La Teste, SC Toulouse and Villeneuve-sur-Lot

Eight were the "new" clubs respect the previous edition: Angoulême, Bergerac, Dax, Libourne, Oyonnax, Pamiers, Primevères, and Valence Sportif.

First round[edit]

(in bold the winner, qualified to semifinals)


Pool 1[edit]

apr. 1933 Bayonne - Toulon 15 - 10 Toulouse
apr. 1933 Narbonne - Toulon 3 - 0 Béziers
apr. 1933 Narbonne - Bayonne 14 - 0 Toulouse

Ranking: 1. Narbonne 6pt, 2. Bayonne 4pt. 3. Touloun 2 pt.,

Pool 2[edit]

1933 Lyon OU - Libourne 9 - 0 Narbonne
1933 Libourne - Pau 5 - 0 Toulouse
1933 Pau - Lyon O 8 - 3 Bordeaux

Ranking: 1. Lyon OU 4pt (+4) ., 2. Pau pt (+3), 3. UA Libourne (-7)


Teams Lyon OU - Narbonne
Score 10-3
Date 7 May 1933
Venue Parc des sports de Bordeaux
Referee Abel Martin
Lyon OU Jean Rat, Fernand Cartier, Billerach, Fleury Panel, Joseph Griffard, Lucien Laffont, Louis Vallin, Léopold Barrère, Jean Brial, Georges Battle, Albert Janoglio, Noêl Salzet, Vincent Graule, Jean Siré, Henri Marty
Narbonne Albert Sanguerra, Roger Bricchi, André Laroche, Joseph Choy, René Araou, François Lombard, André Pinol, Alexandre Iche, Honoré Laffont, Pierre Tisseyre, Alphonse Jalabert, Marcel Raynaud, Albert Cauneille, Francis Vals, Emile Clottes
Lyon OU 2 tries Graule and Valin
1 drop de Janoglio
Narbonne 1 try Sanguerra

Other competitions[edit]

  • The Challenge Yves du Manoir was won by le SU Agen, premier de poule.
  • The "Honneur" championship was won by Stade Nantais that beat Lézignan 11 - 5
  • "Promotion": won the Cercle Sportif Lons that beat US Coursan 10 - 3
  • Second Division : Amicale Sportive Eymet beat US Dole 10 - 3
  • Third Division: US Métropolitains beat SC Perpignan 8 - 3
  • Fourth division : SC Graulhet beat FC Tournon 17 - 3
  • 2nd XV tournament : Touloun beat Montferrand 10 - 0
  • Junior Championship : Montferrand beat Boucau 6 - 3