1932 Mitropa Cup

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Mitropa Cup 1932
Participating Nations
Number of clubs
AGC Bologna

The 1932 season of the Mitropa Cup football club tournament was won by an Italian club for the first time. The winners were AGC Bologna, who defeated the holders First Vienna in the semi-finals, and then won by default without the final being played. Juventus FC and Slavia Prague, who contested the other semi-final were both disqualified following an invasion of the pitch in Prague, and what has been described as the worst violence ever in the competition.[1] The Slavia goalkeeper, František Plánička, was injured when he was hit by a stone thrown by a spectator.[2]

Despite the violence, Hugo Meisl, president of the Austrian Football Association, described the competition as a doubly valuable public magnet (Diese Mitropa-Cup-Konkurrenz erscheint ein doppelt schätzbarer Magnet für das Publikum zu sein).[1]

This was the sixth edition of the tournament. Renato Cesarini of Juventus was highest scorer with five goals.


Team #1 Agg. Team #2 1st leg 2nd leg
Slavia Prague Czechoslovakia 3 - 1 Austria SK Admira Wien 3 - 0 0 - 1
AGC Bologna Italy 5 - 3 Czechoslovakia Sparta Prague 5 - 0 0 - 3
Juventus FC Italy 7 - 3 Hungary Ferencvárosi FC 4 - 0 3 - 3
First Vienna FC Austria 6 - 4 Hungary Újpest FC 5 - 3 1 - 1


Team #1 Agg. Team #2 1st leg 2nd leg
AGC Bologna Italy 2 - 1 Austria First Vienna FC 2 - 0 0 - 1
Slavia Prague Czechoslovakia 4 - 2 Italy Juventus FC 4 - 0 0 - 21

1 The match was abandoned with Juventus leading 2-0; after Slavia had conceded two quick goals in the match and resorted to obstruction and time wasting, fans were incensed to the extent that they started throwing stones on the pitch, one hitting and seriously injuring Slavia goalkeeper František Plánička. Slavia walked off and were pinned in their dressing rooms for hours while 1,500 soldiers and policemen formed a cordon. Slavia Prague and Juventus FC were both ejected from the competition.


The final was scratched and Bologna F.C. 1909 were awarded the cup after Slavia Prague and Juventus Torino were both ejected from the competition.

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