1935 Yazidi revolt

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1935 Yazidi revolt
DateOctober 1935
LocationJabal Sinjar, Mosul province, Kingdom of Iraq
Result Revolts suppressed
Jabal Sinjar put under military control
Iraq Kingdom of Iraq Iraqi Yazidi tribes
Commanders and leaders

Iraq Yasin al-Hashimi

Iraq Bakr Sidqi
Casualties and losses
200 villagers killed[1]

The 1935 Yazidi revolt took place in Iraq in October 1935.[1] The Iraqi government, under Yasin al-Hashimi, crushed a revolt by the Yazidi people of Jabal Sinjar against the imposition of conscription.[1][2] The Iraqi army, led by Bakr Sidqi, reportedly killed over 200 Yazidi and imposed martial law throughout the region.[1] Parallel revolts opposing conscription also broke out that year in the northern (Kurdish populated) and mid-Euphrates (majorly Shia populated) regions of Iraq.

The Yazidis of Jabal Sinjar constituted the majority of Iraqi Yazidi population - the third largest non-Muslim minority within the kingdom, and the largest ethno-religious group in the province of Mosul.[2] In 1939, the region of Jabal Sinjar was once again put under military control, together with the Shekhan District.[2]

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