1936–37 Welsh Cup

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1936–37 Welsh Cup
Country  Wales
Teams 69
Champions England Crewe Alexandra
Runners-up Wales Rhyl
Matches played 85
Goals scored 397 (4.67 per match)

The 1936–37 FAW Welsh Cup is the 56th season of the annual knockout tournament for competitive football teams in Wales.


League name pointed after clubs name.

  • B&DL - Birmingham & District League
  • CCL - Cheshire County League
  • FL D2 - Football League Second Division
  • FL D3N - Football League Third Division North
  • FL D3S - Football League Third Division South
  • MWL - Mid-Wales Football League
  • SFL - Southern Football League
  • WLN - Welsh League North
  • WLS D1 - Welsh League South Division One
  • WLS D2E - Welsh League South Division Two East
  • WLS D2W - Welsh League South Division Two West
  • W&DL - Wrexham & District Amateur League

First round[edit]

Tie no Home Score Away
1 Pwllheli (WLN) 2–1 Portmadog (WLN)
2 Blaenau Ffestiniog (WLN) 10–0 Penrhyn Quarry (WLN)
3 Llandudno (WLN) 6–0 Holyhead Town (WLN)
4 Courtaulds Holywell 3–0 Leeswood (W&DL)
5 Flint Town (WLN) 1–1 Buckley Town
replay Buckley Town 2–0 Flint Town (WLN)
6 Coedpoeth (W&DL) 2–1 Bala Town (W&DL)
7 Llay United 2–2 Cross Street Gwersyllt (W&DL)
replay Cross Street Gwersyllt (W&DL) 1–1 Llay United
replay Llay United 1–0 Cross Street Gwersyllt (W&DL)
8 Llay Welfare (W&DL) 4–2 Crosville Wrexham
9 Caergwrle (W&DL) 4–1 Gwersyllt (W&DL)
10 Druids (W&DL) 1–6 Llanerch Celts (W&DL)
11 Newtown (MWL) 1–1 Welshpool
replay Welshpool 1–2 Newtown (MWL)
12 Penrhiwceiber (WLS D1) 2–2 Caerphilly United (WLS D2E)
replay Caerphilly United (WLS D2E) 2–1 Penrhiwceiber (WLS D1)
13 Blaina 2–1 Pontymister
14 Haverfordwest (WLS D2W) 1–4 Milford Haven (WLS D2W)
15 Machynlleth (MWL) 1–5 Llanidloes Town (MWL)
16 Caersws (MWL) 2–6 Aberystwyth Town
17 Tywyn (MWL) 2–4 Aberdovey (MWL)
18 Rhayader (MWL) w/o Llandrindod Wells

Second round[edit]

18 winners from the First round plus Vron United and Ebbw Vale.

Tie no Home Score Away
1 Pwllheli (WLN) 3–3 Aberdovey (MWL)
replay Aberdovey (MWL) 2–4 Pwllheli (WLN)
2 Buckley Town 2–2 Courtaulds Holywell
replay Courtaulds Holywell 3–3 Buckley Town
replay Buckley Town 4–1 Courtaulds Holywell
3 Llandudno (WLN) 2–0 Blaenau Ffestiniog (WLN)
4 Llay Welfare (W&DL) 2–1 Llay United
5 Caergwrle (W&DL) 2–1 Llanerch Celts (W&DL)
6 Vron United (W&DL) 1–4 Coedpoeth (W&DL)
7 Aberystwyth Town 4–1 Rhayader (MWL)
8 Newtown (MWL) 0–1 Llanidloes Town (MWL)
9 Ebbw Vale 3–3 Blaina
replay Blaina w/o Ebbw Vale
10 Milford Haven (WLS D2W) 0–0 Caerphilly United (WLS D2E)
replay Caerphilly United (WLS D2E) 0–6 Milford Haven (WLS D2W)

Third round[edit]

Ten winners from the Second round plus 20 new teams.

Tie no Home Score Away
1 Bangor City (B&DL) 7–0 Pwllheli (WLN)
2 Llay Welfare (W&DL) 3–2 Coedpoeth (W&DL)
3 Buckley Town 3–2 Llandudno (WLN)
4 Caergwrle (W&DL) 2–3 Colwyn Bay
5 Wellington Town (B&DL) 2–3 Oswestry Town (B&DL)
6 Kidderminster Harriers (B&DL) w/o Northwich Victoria (CCL)
7 Hereford United (B&DL) 4–0 Worcester City (B&DL)
8 Aberystwyth Town 2–2 Llanidloes Town (MWL)
replay Llanidloes Town (MWL) 1–2 Aberystwyth Town
9 Aberdare Town (WLS D1) 3–4 Aberaman (WLS D1)
10 Lovell's Athletic (WLS D1) 6–4 Blaina
11 Cardiff Corinthians (WLS D1) 0–5 Barry (WLS D1 & SFL)
12 Llanelly (WLS D1) 4–2 Milford Haven (WLS D2W)
13 Caerau Athletic (WLS D1) 2–2 Gelli Colliery
replay Gelli Colliery 1–1 Caerau Athletic (WLS D1)
replay Caerau Athletic (WLS D1) 4–5 Gelli Colliery
14 Troedyrhiw (WLS D1) 2–3 Gwynfi Welfare (WLS D1)
15 Caerphilly Town (WLS D1) 3–0* Porth United (WLS D1)
replay Porth United (WLS D1) 4–1 Caerphilly Town (WLS D1)

Fourth round[edit]

14 winners from the Third round. Barry get a bye to the Fifth round.

Tie no Home Score Away
1 Kidderminster Harriers (B&DL) 6–1 Colwyn Bay
2 Oswestry Town (B&DL) 1–1 Bangor City (B&DL)
replay Bangor City (B&DL) 2–1 Oswestry Town (B&DL)
3 Buckley Town 1–1 Aberystwyth Town
replay Aberystwyth Town 6–1 Buckley Town
4 Llay Welfare (W&DL) 4–3 Hereford United (B&DL)
5 Aberaman (WLS D1) 7–2 Llanelly (WLS D1)
6 Porth United (WLS D1) 2–2 Lovell's Athletic (WLS D1)
replay Lovell's Athletic (WLS D1) 2–3 Porth United (WLS D1)
7 Gelli Colliery 1–2 Gwynfi Welfare (WLS D1)

Fifth round[edit]

Five winners from the Fourth round plus Barry. Porth United and Llay Welfare get a bye to the Sixth round.

Tie no Home Score Away
1 Kidderminster Harriers (B&DL) 15–2 Aberystwyth Town
2 Aberaman (WLS D1) 3–4 Barry (WLS D1 & SFL)
3 Gwynfi Welfare (WLS D1) 3–7 Bangor City (B&DL)

Sixth round[edit]

Three winners from the Fifth round, Porth United, Llay Welfare plus eleven new clubs.

Tie no Home Score Away
1 Llay Welfare (W&DL) 2–9 Crewe Alexandra (FL D3N)
2 Shrewsbury Town (B&DL) 1–2 Kidderminster Harriers (B&DL)
3 Chester (FL D3N) 4–1 Southport (FL D3N)
4 Porth United (WLS D1) 0–5 Newport County (FL D3S)
5 Bristol City (FL D3S) 1–2 Swansea Town (FL D2)
6 Barry (WLS D1 & SFL) 3–1 Cardiff City (FL D3S)
7 Wrexham (FL D3N) 1–2 Rhyl (CCL)
8 New Brighton (FL D3N) 3–2 Bangor City (B&DL)

Seventh round[edit]

Tie no Home Score Away
1 Newport County (FL D3S) 7–0 Swansea Town (FL D2)
2 Crewe Alexandra (FL D3N) 2–1 Chester (FL D3N)
3 Barry (WLS D1 & SFL) 2–0 Kidderminster Harriers (B&DL)
4 Rhyl (CCL) 3–0 New Brighton (FL D3N)


Semifinal were held on a neutral venue: Rhyl and Newport County played at Shrewsbury, while Crewe Alexandra and Barry Town played at Cardiff.

Tie no Home Score Away
1 Rhyl (CCL) 3–2 Newport County (FL D3S)
2 Crewe Alexandra (FL D3N) 2–1 Barry (WLS D1 & SFL)


Both final and replay were held in Chester.

Tie no Home Score Away
1 Crewe Alexandra (FL D3N) 1–1 Rhyl (CCL)
replay Crewe Alexandra (FL D3N) 3–1 Rhyl (CCL)

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