1936 Miyagi earthquake

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1936 Miyagi earthquake
1936 Miyagi earthquake is located in Japan
1936 Miyagi earthquake
UTC time 1936-11-02 20:45:57
ISC event 903917
Local date November 3, 1936 (1936-11-03)
Local time 05:45
Magnitude 7.2 Ms
Depth 61 km
Epicenter 38°12′N 142°06′E / 38.2°N 142.1°E / 38.2; 142.1Coordinates: 38°12′N 142°06′E / 38.2°N 142.1°E / 38.2; 142.1
Areas affected Japan
Tsunami Yes

The 1936 Miyagi earthquake occurred on November 3 at 05:45 local time with a magnitude Ms 7.2, or MJMA 7.4.[1][2] The epicenter was located off the Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Four people were injured. Building damage was reported.[3] In Isobe (磯部) village, nowadays part of Sōma, Fukushima, a small market building collapsed.[4] A tsunami was recorded.[5]

This was one of the recurring interplate earthquakes at the offshore Miyagi with a recurrence interval of about 37 years.[6] Although not officially named by the Japanese Meteorological Agency, in Japanese, this earthquake is commonly known as 1936年宮城県沖地震 (Sen-kyūhyaku-sanjūroku-nen Miyagi-ken-oki Jishin) or 1936年金華山沖地震 (Sen-kyūhyaku-sanjūroku-nen Kinkasan-oki Jishin).[7]

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