1937–38 Yorkshire Cup

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1937–38 Yorkshire Cup
Structure Regional knockout championship
Teams 16
Winners Leeds
Runners-up Huddersfield

The 1937–38 Yorkshire Cup was the thirtieth occasion on which the Yorkshire Cup competition had been held.

The Yorkshire Cup competition was a knock-out competition between (mainly professional) rugby league clubs from the county of Yorkshire. The actual area was at times increased to encompass other teams from outside the county such Mansfield, Coventry, this season's appearance of Newcastle, and even last year's appearance of London (in the form of Acton & Willesden. The competition always took place early in the season, in the Autumn, with the final taking place in (or just before) December (The only exception to this was when disruption of the fixture list was caused during, and immediately after, the two World Wars)

Leeds won the trophy by beating Huddersfield by the score of 14-8
The match was played at Belle Vue, in the City of Wakefield, now in West Yorkshire. The attendance was 22,000 and receipts were £1,508
This was Leeds' last of their six victories in a period of ten years, during which time they won every Yorkshire Cup final in which they appeared.


This season there were no junior/amateur clubs taking part, no new entants and no "leavers" and so the total of entries remained the same at sixteen.
This in turn resulted in no in the first round.

Competition and Results[1][2][edit]

Round 1[edit]

Involved 8 matches (with no byes) and 16 Clubs

Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
1 Sat 11 Sep 1937 Batley 42-5 Newcastle Mount Pleasant 1
2 Sat 11 Sep 1937 Bramley 2-5 Keighley Barley Mow
3 Sat 11 Sep 1937 Castleford 6-8 Dewsbury Wheldon Road
4 Sat 11 Sep 1937 Huddersfield 32-16 Featherstone Rovers Fartown
5 Sat 11 Sep 1937 Hull 21-13 Hunslet Boulevard [3]
6 Sat 11 Sep 1937 Hull Kingston Rovers 10-11 Bradford Northern Craven Park (1)
7 Sat 11 Sep 1937 Leeds 20-7 York Headingley
8 Sat 11 Sep 1937 Wakefield Trinity 4-4 Halifax Belle Vue

Round 1 - Replays[edit]

Involved 1 match and 2 Clubs

Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
R Thu 16 Sep 1937 Halifax 7-6 Wakefield Trinity Thrum Hall

Round 2 - Quarter Finals[edit]

Involved 4 matches and 8 Clubs

Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
1 Wed 22 Sep 1937 Bradford Northern 6-16 Leeds Odsal
2 Mon 27 Sep 1937 Huddersfield 13-6 Hull Fartown [3]
3 Tue 28 Sep 1937 Keighley 7-9 Batley Lawkholme Lane
4 Wed 29 Sep 1937 Dewsbury 20-9 Halifax Crown Flatt

Round 3 – Semi-Finals[edit]

Involved 2 matches and 4 Clubs

Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
1 Mon 11 Oct 1937 Huddersfield 6-2 Dewsbury Fartown
2 Wed 13 Oct 1937 Leeds 10-5 Batley Headingley


Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
Saturday 30 October 1937 Leeds 14-8 Huddersfield Belle Vue 22,000 £1,508 2 [4][5]

Teams and Scorers[6][edit]

Leeds Huddersfield
Charles "Charlie" Eaton 1 Tommy Scourfield
Eric Harris 2 Markham
Fred Harris 3 Stan Mountain
Stan Brogden 4 Alex Fiddes
Stanley Smith 5 Dennis Madden
Vic Hey 6 Stan Pepperell
Cliff Evans 7 Swallow
Harry Woods 8 Sherwood
Con Murphy 9 Whitehead
Dai Prosser 10 David Morgan Evans
Ken Jubb 11 Langford
Harry Dyer 12 Shaw or Senior
Ted Tattersfield 13 Aspinall
?? Coach ??
14 score 8
11 HT 3
T Stan Mountain (1)
T Markham (1)
G Swallow (1)
Referee unknown

Scoring - Try = three (3) points - Goal = two (2) points - Drop goal = two (2) points

The road to success[edit]

First Round Second Round Semi Finals Final
Hull Kingston Rovers
Bradford Northern
Bradford Northern
Leeds 8
Huddersfield 5
Featherstone Rovers
Wakefield Trinity

Notes and comments[edit]

1 * This was Newcastle,s second (and last) season in the league. According to "the Grounds of Rugby League"[7] Newcastle RLFC moved for 1937/38 to the new White City Stadium in Gateshead.from the previous season's venue of Brough Park.
2 * Belle Vue is the home ground of Wakefield Trinity with a capacity of approximately 12,500. The record attendance was 37,906 on the 21 March 1936 in the Challenge Cup semi-final between Leeds and Huddersfield

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