1938 Stanley Cup Finals

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1938 Stanley Cup Finals
1234 Total
Chicago Black Hawks 3124 3
Toronto Maple Leafs 1511 1
Location(s) Toronto, Ontario (Maple Leaf Gardens) (1,2)
Chicago, Illinois (Chicago Stadium) (3,4)
Format best-of-five
Coaches Chicago: Bill Stewart
Toronto: Dick Irvin
Captains Chicago: Johnny Gottselig
Toronto: Charlie Conacher
Dates April 5 to April 12, 1938
Series-winning goal Carl Voss (16:45, second)

The 1938 Stanley Cup Finals was a best-of-five series between the Chicago Black Hawks and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Chicago won the series 3–1 to win their second Stanley Cup.

Paths to the Finals[edit]

Toronto defeated Boston Bruins in a best-of-five 3–0 to advance to the finals. The Black Hawks had to play two best-of three series; winning 2–1 against Montreal Canadiens, and 2–1 against the New York Americans.

Game summaries[edit]

Chicago lost their regular goaltender, Mike Karakas, during the playoffs and started Alfie Moore in game one. League president Frank Calder ruled that Moore was ineligible, but allowed the victory. Paul Goodman played and lost game two. Karakas returned for games three and four wearing a steel toe in his skate to protect his foot.

Chicago set a record with eight American players winning the Stanley Cup. Also set a record for attendance with 18,497 in game three. It was the second time in NHL history a team would win the stanley cup after starting three different goalies in the playoffs after the Detroit Red Wings accomplish the feed the previous year, no Stanley Cup Champions would win the cup while starting three different goalies until the Penguins did it in 2016. It was the last time that the Hawks would win the Stanley Cup at home until 2015, and the last that a Chicago team would win a championship at Chicago Stadium until the Bulls won their second straight NBA championship in 1992. The next time the Blackhawks would win the Stanley Cup at home would be in 2015, when they defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning in game six of the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals; by this time they had moved into the United Center.

The NHL did not see fit to make sure that the Cup was in Chicago when they won the game and the series on April 12.[1]

Chicago won the series 3–1

Chicago Black Hawks 1938 Stanley Cup Champions[edit]



Coaching and administrative staff:

† denotes American born.

Stanley Cup engraving

  • †Bill Stewart was the first American-born, and 5th NHL rookie coach to win the Stanley Cup. Bob Johnson would be the second American born to coach win the Stanley Cup 1991, 53 years later. He was also first American-born Manager to win the Stanley Cup. The 2nd was Brian Burke in 2007, 69 years later.
  • When the cup was redesigned during the 1957–58 season Pete Palangio's name was engraved twice, firstly as PALAGO, secondly as PETE PALANGIO.
  • *Six names were left off the cup when it was redone during the 1957–58 season. Four were on the original ring – Virgil Johnson, Paul Goodman, Alfie Moore(players), and Ed Froelich (Trainer). Players Hal Jackson, and Bert Connelly qualified to be engraved on the Stanley Cup, but their names were not included on any version of the 1938 Chicago team's engravings. There is room on the Stanley Cup for all six missing names.
  • With this victory, Carl Voss became only the second player to have his name engraved on the Stanley Cup and Canadian football's Grey Cup. He had previously been part of the Queen's Golden Gaels football team that won the 12th Grey Cup in 1924. Hall of Famer Canadian Lionel Conacher is the other player.

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References & notes[edit]

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