1939 Nebraska vs. Kansas State football game

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First Televised College Football Homecoming Game
Nebraska vs. Kansas State
1939 Nebraska vs Kansas State football game.gif
Kansas State Homecoming, 1939
Date October 28, 1939
Season 1939
Stadium Memorial Stadium
Location Manhattan, Kansas
Attendance 16,000[1]
United States TV coverage
Network W9XAK (Manhattan, KS)

The 1939 Nebraska vs. Kansas State football game was a college football game between the Kansas State Wildcats and Nebraska Cornhuskers played on October 28, 1939. This was the first college football homecoming game ever televised.[2]

Kansas State scored first with a field goal, but two minutes later Nebraska took the lead.[3] Nebraska won the game 25–9.[4]

Although Nebraska entered the game a 12–5 favorite,[5] the game itself was considered to a good test for Nebraska, who was undefeated at the time, the matchup was considered to be important to the outcome of the Big Six Conference championship.[6] Nebraska ended the game as one of ten college teams in the nation that were unbeaten up to that point.[7]

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