1940 NFL Draft

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1940 NFL Draft
General Information
Date(s) December 9, 1939
Location Schroeder Hotel
in Milwaukee, WI
200 total selections  in 22 rounds
First selection George Cafego, TB
Chicago Cardinals
Last selection Myron Claxton, T
New York Giants
Most selections (20) each team made 20 picks
Fewest selections (20) each team made 20 picks
Hall of Famers 2

The 1940 National Football League Draft was held on December 9, 1939, at the Schroeder Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[1][2]

Player selections[edit]

= Hall of Famer

Round one[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 Chicago Cardinals George Cafego Tailback Tennessee
2 Philadelphia Eagles George McAfee Quarterback Duke
3 Pittsburgh Steelers Kay Eakin Halfback Arkansas
4 Brooklyn Dodgers Banks McFadden Halfback Clemson
5 Cleveland Rams Olie Cordill Halfback Rice
6 Detroit Lions Doyle Nave Quarterback USC
7 Chicago Bears Clyde "Bulldog" Turner Center Hardin–Simmons
8 Washington Redskins Ed Boell Quarterback NYU
9 Green Bay Packers Hal Van Every Halfback Minnesota
10 New York Giants Grenny Lansdell Quarterback USC

Round two[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
11 Chicago Cardinals George "Snuffy" Stirnweiss Back North Carolina
12 Pittsburgh Steelers Ralph Wenzel End Tulane
13 Philadelphia Eagles John Schiechl Center Santa Clara
14 Brooklyn Dodgers Nile Kinnick Back Iowa
15 Cleveland Rams Merl Condit Back Carnegie-Mellon

Round three[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
16 Chicago Cardinals Lloyd Madden Back Colorado Mines
17 Philadelphia Eagles Dick Favor Back Oklahoma
18 Pittsburgh Steelers George Kiick Back Bucknell
19 Brooklyn Dodgers Rhoten Shetley Back Furman
20 Cleveland Rams Jack Haman Center Northwestern
21 Detroit Lions Bill Fisk End USC
22 Chicago Bears Ken Kavanaugh End LSU
23 Washington Redskins Burt "Buddy" Banker Back Tulane
24 Green Bay Packers Lou Brock Back Purdue
25 New York Giants John McLaughry Back Brown

Round four[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
26 Chicago Cardinals John Shirk End Oklahoma
27 Pittsburgh Steelers Frank "Pop" Ivy End Oklahoma
28 Philadelphia Eagles Eberle Schultz Guard Oregon State
29 Brooklyn Dodgers Edgar "Bill" Bailey End Duke
30 Cleveland Rams Bobby Wood Tackle Alabama

Round five[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
31 Chicago Cardinals Marty Christiansen Back Minnesota
32 Philadelphia Eagles Frank Emmons Back Oregon
33 Pittsburgh Steelers Clark Goff Tackle Florida
34 Brooklyn Dodgers Walt Merrill Tackle Alabama
35 Cleveland Rams Park Myers Tackle Texas
36 Detroit Lions Harry Smith Guard USC
37 Chicago Bears Ed Kolman Tackle Temple
38 Washington Redskins Bill Kirchem Tackle Tulane
39 Green Bay Packers Esco Sarkkinen End Ohio State
40 New York Giants Carl Tomasello End Scranton

Round six[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
41 Chicago Cardinals Vic Reginato End Oregon
42 Pittsburgh Steelers Frank Bykowski Guard Purdue
43 Philadelphia Eagles Saul Singer Tackle Arkansas
44 Brooklyn Dodgers Jack Murray Center Wisconsin
45 Cleveland Rams Ken Heineman Back Texas-El Paso
46 Detroit Lions Jim Rike Center Tennessee
47 Chicago Bears John Woudenberg Tackle Denver
48 Washington Redskins Joe Boyd Tackle Texas A&M
49 Green Bay Packers Dick Cassiano Back Pittsburgh
50 New York Giants Lou Smith Back California

Round seven[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
51 Chicago Cardinals Andy Chisick Center Villanova
52 Philadelphia Eagles Hal "Mike" Pegg Center Bucknell
53 Pittsburgh Steelers Pete Cignetti Back Boston College
54 Brooklyn Dodgers Ed "Ty" Coon Tackle North Carolina State
55 Cleveland Rams Bob Nowaskey End George Washington
56 Detroit Lions Bob Winslow End USC
57 Chicago Bears Len Akin Guard Baylor
58 Washington Redskins Roy Zimmerman Back San Jose State
59 Green Bay Packers Millard White Tackle Tulane
60 New York Giants Rex Williams Center Texas Tech

Round eight[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
61 Chicago Cardinals Ben Kish Back Pittsburgh
62 Pittsburgh Steelers Carl Nery Guard Duquesne
63 Philadelphia Eagles Don Looney End Texas Christian
64 Brooklyn Dodgers Frank Zadworney Back Ohio State
65 Cleveland Rams Bill Anahu End Santa Clara
66 Detroit Lions Bill Tranavitch Back Rutgers
67 Chicago Bears Jim Fordham Back Georgia
68 Washington Redskins Roland "Bud" Orf End Missouri
69 Green Bay Packers George Seeman End Nebraska
70 New York Giants Win Pedersen Tackle Minnesota

Round nine[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
71 Chicago Cardinals Luke Pappas Tackle Utah
72 Philadelphia Eagles Don Jones Back Washington
73 Pittsburgh Steelers Dick Boisseau Tackle Washington & Lee
74 Brooklyn Dodgers Art Jocher Tackle Manhattan
75 Cleveland Rams Wilfred Thorpe Guard Arkansas
76 Detroit Lions Bob Haas Tackle Missouri
77 Chicago Bears Hampton Pool End Stanford
78 Washington Redskins Bob Hoffman Back USC
79 Green Bay Packers J. R. Manley Guard Oklahoma
80 New York Giants Dom Principe Back Fordham

Round ten[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
81 Chicago Cardinals Jack Roche Back Santa Clara
82 Pittsburgh Steelers Paul Shu Back Virginia Military Inst
83 Philadelphia Eagles Frank Maher Back Toledo
84 Brooklyn Dodgers Jim Turner Guard Holy Cross
85 Cleveland Rams Herb Smith Back St. Mary's (CA)
86 Detroit Lions Leon DeWitte Back Purdue
87 Chicago Bears Tom Pace Back Utah
88 Washington Redskins Bob Seymour Back Oklahoma
89 Green Bay Packers Jack Brown Back Purdue
90 New York Giants Earl Clark Back Texas Christian

Round eleven[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
91 Chicago Cardinals Bill Davis Tackle Texas Tech
92 Philadelphia Eagles Elmer Hackney Back Kansas State
93 Pittsburgh Steelers Cary Cox Center Alabama
94 Brooklyn Dodgers Nick Cutlich Tackle Northwestern
95 Cleveland Rams Boyd Clay Tackle Tennessee
96 Detroit Lions Erwin Prasse End Iowa
97 Chicago Bears Lee Artoe Tackle California
98 Washington Redskins Howard Stoecker Tackle USC
99 Green Bay Packers Don Guritz Guard Northwestern
100 New York Giants John McKibben End Tulsa

Round twelve[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
101 Chicago Cardinals Stan Andersen Tackle Stanford
102 Pittsburgh Steelers Rocco Pirro Back Catholic University
103 Philadelphia Eagles Durward Horner End Texas Christian
104 Brooklyn Dodgers George Dougherty Back Howard
105 Cleveland Rams Jim "Shag" Goolsby Center Mississippi State
106 Detroit Lions Ken Binder Back Carroll (Wisc.)
107 Chicago Bears Bill McCubbin End Kentucky
108 Washington Redskins Allen Johnson Guard Duke
109 Green Bay Packers Phil Gaspar Tackle USC
110 New York Giants Ed McGee Guard Temple

Round thirteen[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
111 Chicago Cardinals Alton Coppage End Oklahoma
112 Philadelphia Eagles Ted Hennis Back Purdue
113 Pittsburgh Steelers John Noppenberg Back Miami (FL)
114 Brooklyn Dodgers Mike Gussie Guard West Virginia
115 Cleveland Rams Jack Gregory Tackle Tennessee-Chattanooga
116 Detroit Lions Justin Bowers Tackle Oklahoma
117 Chicago Bears Harry Clarke Back West Virginia
118 Washington Redskins Sam Bartholomew Back Tennessee
119 Green Bay Packers Ambrose Schindler Back USC
120 New York Giants Joe Payne Guard Clemson

Round fourteen[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
121 Chicago Cardinals Judson Hudson Back Davis & Elkins
122 Pittsburgh Steelers Nick Stublar Tackle Santa Clara
123 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Bunsen Back Kansas
124 Brooklyn Dodgers Len Coffman Back Tennessee
125 Cleveland Rams Pete Bogden End Utah
126 Detroit Lions Jack Morlock Back Marshall
127 Chicago Bears Frank Crisci Tackle Case Western Reserve
128 Washington Redskins Ernie Lain Back Rice
129 Green Bay Packers Bill Kerr End Notre Dame
130 New York Giants Bob Smith Back Oregon

Round fifteen[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
131 Chicago Cardinals Joe Ziemba End St. Benedict's
132 Philadelphia Eagles Don Crumbaker End Kansas State
133 Pittsburgh Steelers Ray McCarthy Back Santa Clara
134 Brooklyn Dodgers Jim Conlin Center NYU
135 Cleveland Rams Owen Goodnight Back Hardin–Simmons
136 Detroit Lions Stillman Rouse End Missouri
137 Chicago Bears Sherm Barnes End Baylor
138 Washington Redskins Hayward "Sandy" Sanford End Alabama
139 Green Bay Packers Mel Brewer Guard Illinois
140 New York Giants Othel Turner Tackle Tulsa

Round sixteen[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
141 Chicago Cardinals Beryl Clark Back Oklahoma
142 Pittsburgh Steelers Leon Gajecki Center Penn State
143 Philadelphia Eagles J. R. Green Tackle Rice
144 Brooklyn Dodgers Dennis Donovan Back Oregon
145 Cleveland Rams Morris Kohler Back Oregon State
146 Detroit Lions Jack Padley Back Dayton
147 Chicago Bears Al Christianson Back Knox
148 Washington Redskins Willard "Bolo" Perdue End Duke
149 Green Bay Packers Ray Andrus Back Vanderbilt
150 New York Giants Ned Swan Center Drake

Round seventeen[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
151 Chicago Cardinals Ralph Foster Tackle Oklahoma A&M
152 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Molnar Back Bradley
153 Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Sullivan End North Carolina State
154 Brooklyn Dodgers Frank Funair Back Bucknell
155 Cleveland Rams Jack Nix Back Mississippi State
156 Detroit Lions John Hackenbruck Tackle Oregon State
157 Chicago Bears Wilbur White Tackle Bradley
158 Washington Redskins Steve Andrako Center Ohio State
159 Green Bay Packers Archie Kodros Center Michigan
160 New York Giants John Rogalla Back Scranton

Round eighteen[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
161 Chicago Cardinals Lowell Bryant Back Clemson
162 Pittsburgh Steelers Seaton Daly Tackle Gonzaga
163 Philadelphia Eagles Ernie Schwartzer Guard Boston College
164 Brooklyn Dodgers Walt Strosser Back St. Vincent
165 Cleveland Rams Ralph Stevenson Guard Oklahoma
166 Detroit Lions Frank Ribar Guard Duke
167 Chicago Bears Ralph Schlosser Center Gonzaga
168 Washington Redskins Jay Graybeal Back Oregon
169 Green Bay Packers Jim Gillette Back Virginia
170 New York Giants Bill "Monk" Edwards Tackle Baylor

Round nineteen[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
171 Chicago Cardinals Russ Buckley Back Gustavus Adolphus
172 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Schneller Back Mississippi
173 Pittsburgh Steelers Thad Harvey Tackle Notre Dame
174 Brooklyn Dodgers Steve Hydock End Albright
175 Cleveland Rams Dante Magnani Back St. Mary's (CA)
176 Detroit Lions Herb McCarthy Back Denver
177 Chicago Bears John Popov Back Cincinnati
178 Washington Redskins Charley Slagle Back North Carolina
179 Green Bay Packers Al Matuza Center Georgetown
180 New York Giants Cecil Walden Guard Oregon

Round twenty[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
181 Chicago Cardinals Rupert Pate Tackle Wake Forest
182 Pittsburgh Steelers Marvin Katzenstein Tackle Colorado Mines
183 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Debord Tackle Kansas State
184 Brooklyn Dodgers Milt Howell Guard Auburn
185 Cleveland Rams Luke Lindon Tackle Kentucky
186 Detroit Lions Dub Parten Tackle Centenary
187 Chicago Bears Young Bussey Back Louisiana State
188 Washington Redskins F. W. "Buck" Murphy Back Georgia Tech
189 Green Bay Packers Jim Reeder Tackle Illinois
190 New York Giants John Sullivan End San Francisco

Round twenty-one[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
191 Detroit Lions Malvern Morgan Center Auburn
192 Chicago Bears Ray "Scooter" McLean Back St. Anselm's
193 Washington Redskins Mel Wetzel Tackle Missouri
194 Green Bay Packers Vince Eichler Back Cornell
195 New York Giants Weenie Bynum Back Centenary

Round twenty-two[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
196 Detroit Lions Bob Orf End Missouri
197 Chicago Bears Walt Kichefski End Miami (FL)
198 Washington Redskins Steve Sitko Back Notre Dame
199 Green Bay Packers Henry Luebcke Tackle Iowa
200 [3] New York Giants Myron Claxton Tackle Whittier

Hall of Famers[edit]

  • George McAfee, quarterback from Duke taken 1st round 2nd overall by the Philadelphia Eagles.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1966.[4]
  • Bulldog Turner, center from Hardin–Simmons taken 1st round 7th overall by the Chicago Bears.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1966.[4]

Notable undrafted players[edit]

= Pro Bowler[5]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Cleveland Rams Fred Gehrke  RB/CB Utah MSC
Green Bay Packers Ray Riddick  E Fordham Ind.
New York Giants Jack Hinkle  RB Syracuse Ind.
Pittsburgh Steelers Tommy Thompson  QB Tulsa MVC
Washington Redskins Ray Hare  RB Gonzaga N/A


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