1947 Assam earthquake

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1947 Assam earthquake
1947 Assam earthquake is located in India
1947 Assam earthquake
UTC time ??
ISC event
Date * July 29, 1947
Origin time * 13:43 UTC [1]
Local date
Local time
Magnitude 7.3 Mw [1]
Depth 60 km
Epicenter 28°30′N 94°00′E / 28.50°N 94.00°E / 28.50; 94.00 [1]
Max. intensity V (Strong) [2]
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The 1947 Assam earthquake occurred on 29 July at 13:43 UTC with an Mw of 7.3 and a maximum EMS-98 intensity of V (Strong).


The earthquake was located near the border between India and Tibet, some sources put the epicenter in Indian, and some put it in Tibet.[3][4] In the Chinese literature, this earthquake was often located around the Nang County, Tibet.[5]


In Dibrugarh, Jorhat, and Tezpur, there were cracks in walls. Failure of electricity was reported in Guwahati,[4] the released seismic moment was about 1.5×1020 Nm,[6] the mechanism of the earthquake is not well known.[7]

Other seismicity[edit]

The border region was struck by the much larger 8.6 Mw Assam–Tibet earthquake three years later, on August 15, 1950.

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