1955 Alexandria earthquake

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1955 Alexandria earthquake
1955 Alexandria earthquake is located in Mediterranean
1955 Alexandria earthquake
UTC time1955-09-12 06:09:28
ISC event889914
Local dateSeptember 12, 1955 (1955-09-12)
Local time08:09:28
MagnitudeMs 6.3
Depth25 km[1]
Epicenter32°12′N 29°36′E / 32.2°N 29.6°E / 32.2; 29.6
Areas affectedEgypt
Casualties18 deaths, 89 injuries

The 1955 Alexandria earthquake occurred on September 12 at 06:09 UTC. The epicenter was located in the eastern Mediterranean, offshore of Alexandria, Egypt.[2] The earthquake had a magnitude of Ms 6.3.[3]

Damage was reported in the Nile Delta between Alexandria and Cairo. About 300 adobe houses were badly damaged around Lake Idku. The earthquake caused 18 deaths and 89 injuries, with 40 houses completely collapsed and about 420 houses ruined.[4] The earthquake could also be felt in Cyprus, Palestine, Syria, and Greece.[3]

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