Leeds Clergy School

Leeds Clergy School was a theological college of the Church of England, founded in 1876 and closed in 1925. It was established by the Rev. John Gott, Vicar of Leeds and Bishop of Truro, with the first principal being E C S Gibson, Lecturer at Leeds Parish Church; the school started with just six students catering for those graduates who were aiming to obtain town curacies. It soon grew up to a maximum of twenty-four; the students lived at Clarendon House, although they moved to Woodsley House on Clarendon Road, overlooking the city, where the new Fowler Memorial Chapel was added and dedicated on 28 June 1896. This chapel commemorated a former principal; the governors reluctantly decided to close the school in 1925, after its existing principal accepted a new academic appointment at Reading. The former buildings, now known as Fairbairn House passed to the University of Leeds and after previous use as hall of residence have since become a conference centre, they have been used as a YMCA hostel. A few of the college archives are now held by the Thoresby Society in Leeds.

1876–1880: Edgar Charles Sumner Gibson 1880–1883: William Methven Gordon Ducat 1883–1887: Arthur John Worlledge 1887-1891: George Herbert Fowler c. 1890–91: Cosmo Gordon Lang 1891–1900: Winfrid Oldfield Burrows 1900–1910: James Gilliland Simpson 1910–1919: Richard Henry Malden 1920–1925: John Kenneth Mozley Maurice Henry Harland William Foxley Norris


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