1957 Reims Grand Prix

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1957 Reims Grand Prix
Non-championship race in the 1957 Formula One season
Race details
Date July 14, 1957
Official name XXIII Grand Prix de Reims
Location Reims-Gueux, Reims
Course Permanent racing facility
Course length 8.302 km (5.158 mi)
Distance 61 laps, 506.422 km (314.676 mi)
Pole position
Driver Italy Maserati 250F
Time 2:23.3
Fastest lap
Driver France Jean Behra Italy Maserati 250F
Time 2:27.8
First Italy Lancia-Ferrari
Second Italy Maserati 250F
Third United Kingdom Vanwall

The XXIII (23rd) Reims Grand Prix (also known as the II Grand Prix de Reims),[1] was a non-championship Formula One motor race, held on July 14, 1957, at the Reims-Gueux circuit, near Reims in France. The race was run over 61 laps on an 8.302 km circuit of public roads and was won by Italian driver Luigi Musso in a Lancia-Ferrari D50. The race weekend suffered the deaths of Bill Whitehouse and Herbert MacKay-Fraser in separate accidents during the 1st Coupe de Vitesse Formula 2 support race.[2]

The Grand Prix de Reims (commonly known as the Reims Grand Prix) has its roots in the pre WW2 Grand Prix de la Marne GP racing series, also known as the Marne Grand Prix (1925-1937); the first "Grand Prix de Reims" (official name: XVI Grand Prix de Reims) was the first major Grand Prix motor race held at Reims-Gueux after WW2. Post war political and financial re-organization moved the nationally sanctioned Grand Prix de France (Grand Prix de l'ACF) to the circuit Rouen les Essarts and renamed the old Marne GP to Grand Prix de Reims, officially billed as the XVI Grand Prix de Reims (based on the GP de Marne year sequence).


Pos No. Driver Entrant Constructor /Car Time/Retired Grid
1 2 Italy Luigi Musso Scuderia Ferrari Lancia-Ferrari D50 2:33:02.6 4
2 12 France Jean Behra Officine Alfieri Maserati Maserati 250F 2:33:30.1 3
3 26 United Kingdom Stuart Lewis-Evans Vandervell Vanwall 2:34:18.6 2
4 14 United States Harry Schell Officine Alfieri Maserati Maserati 250F 60 Laps 10
5 24 United Kingdom Roy Salvadori Vandervell Vanwall 59 Laps 5
6 40 United Kingdom Horace Gould Gould's Garage (Bristol) (Private) Maserati 250F 58 Laps 12
7 18 United States Masten Gregory Scuderia Centro Sud Maserati 250F 57 Laps 11
8 10 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Officine Alfieri Maserati Maserati 250F 65 Laps 1
9 22 Italy Luigi Piotti Piotti (Private) Maserati 250F 56 Laps 14
10 20 United Kingdom Ivor Bueb Scuderia Centro Sud Maserati 250F 55 Laps 18
NC 34 United Kingdom Bruce Halford Halford (Private) Maserati 250F 53 Laps 15
NC 38 Australia Jack Brabham Cooper Car Company Cooper-Climax T43 52 Laps 19
DNF 32 Argentina Carlos Menditeguy Officine Alfieri Maserati Maserati 250F 28 Laps - Gearbox 16
DNF 6 United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn Scuderia Ferrari Lancia-Ferrari D50 26 Laps - Engine 7
DNF 8 Belgium Olivier Gendebien Scuderia Ferrari Lancia-Ferrari D50 25 Laps - Engine 8
DNF 16 Spain Francisco Godia Sales Godia (Private) Maserati 250F 15 Laps - Oil pipe 13
DNF 36 Sweden Jo Bonnier Bonnier (Private) Maserati 250F 13 Laps - Mechanical 17
DNF 4 United Kingdom Peter Collins Scuderia Ferrari Lancia-Ferrari D50 2 Laps - Engine 6
DNS 42 United States Herbert MacKay-Fraser Ottorino Volonterio Maserati 250F Fatal crash (F2) 9
DNA 18 United Kingdom Ron Flockhart Owen Racing Organisation BRM P25 Entry withdrawn -
DNA 30 United States Herbert MacKay-Fraser Owen Racing Organisation BRM P25 Entry withdrawn -
DNA 24 United Kingdom Stirling Moss Vandervell Vanwall - -
DNA 26 United Kingdom Tony Brooks Vandervell Vanwall - -
DNA 32 Italy Umberto Maglioli Officine Alfieri Maserati Maserati 250F - -
DNA 40 France André Simon Simon Maserati 250F - -
DNA 42 Italy Ottorino Volonterio Ottorino Volonterio Maserati 250F - -


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