1959–60 Welsh Cup

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1959–60 Welsh Cup
Country  Wales
Champions Wales Wrexham
Runners-up Wales Cardiff City

The 1959–60 FAW Welsh Cup is the 73rd season of the annual knockout tournament for competitive football teams in Wales.


League name pointed after clubs name.

  • CCL - Cheshire County League
  • FL D2 - Football League Second Division
  • FL D3 - Football League Third Division
  • FL D4 - Football League Fourth Division
  • SFL - Southern Football League
  • WLN - Welsh League North
  • WLS D1 - Welsh League South Division One

Fifth round[edit]

Ten winners from the Fourth round and six new clubs.

Tie no Home Score Away
1 Chester (FL D4) 0–2 Holywell Town (WLN)

Sixth round[edit]


Cardiff City and Bangor City played at Wrexham, replay - at Newport, Wrexham and Abergavenny Thursdays played at Hereford.

Tie no Home Score Away
1 Cardiff City (FL D2) 1–1 Bangor City (CCL)
replay Cardiff City (FL D2) 4–1 Bangor City (CCL)
2 Wrexham (FL D3) 2–2 Abergavenny Thursdays (WLS D1)
replay Wrexham (FL D3) 2–0 Abergavenny Thursdays (WLS D1)


Tie no Home Score Away
1 Cardiff City (FL D2) 1–1 Wrexham (FL D3)
replay Wrexham (FL D3) 1–0 Cardiff City (FL D2)

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