1965–66 French Rugby Union Championship

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French Rugby Championship 1965-66
Countries France
Number of teams56
ChampionsAgen (5th title)
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The 1965-66 French Rugby Union Championship was contested by 56 teams divided in 7 pools, The four first teams of each pool and the better for classified fifth were qualified for the "last 32".

The Agen won the Championship 1965-66 after beatingDax in the final and hold the title.


The 1966 Five Nations Championship was won by Wales thanks to his victory (9-8) against France in the last day.

The Challenge Yves du Manoir was won en 1966 by the Lourdes that beat Mont-de-Marsan 16 - 6.

Qualification round[edit]

In bold the qualified to next round

Pool 1[edit]

Pool 2[edit]

Pool 3[edit]

Pool 4[edit]

Pool 5[edit]

Pool 6[edit]

Pool 7[edit]

"Last 32"[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the next round

Team 1 Team 2 Results
Agen Chalon 11-3
La Rochelle Montauban 6-3
Narbonne Pau 9-0
La Voulte Paris Université Club 25-11
Racing Lyon OU 9-8
Angoulême Auch 16-3
Brive Lourdes 6-0
Béziers Bayonne 17-15
Dax Limoges 16-3
Bègles Périgueux 29-5
Stadoceste Albi 18-6
Toulouse Olympique EC Lannemezan 19-3
Mont-de-Marsan Grenoble 26-16
Tulle Aurillac 3-3
Graulhet Stade Beaumontois 6-6
Touloun Biarritz 14-8

"Last 16"[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the next round

Team 1 Team 2 Results
Agen La Rochelle 9-5
Narbonne La Voulte 12-8
Racing Angoulême 15-11
Brive Béziers 12-9
Dax Bègles 12-5
Stadoceste Toulouse Olympique EC 10-5
Mont-de-Marsan Tulle 16-0
Graulhet Toulon 8-6 (a. p.)

Quarter of finals[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the next round

Team 1 Team 2 Results
Agen Narbonne 9-3
Racing Brive 12-9
Dax Stadoceste 19-3
Mont-de-Marsan Graulhet 3-6


Team 1 Team 2 Results
Agen Racing 14-8
Dax Graulhet 11-5


Teams Agen - Dax
Score 9-8
Date 22 May 1966
Venue Stadium Municipal, Toulouse
Referee Paul Madelmont
Agen Marius Lagiewski, Jean-Claude Malbet, Raymond Palladin, Jacques Fort, Michel Lasserre, Michel Sitjar, Serge Viotto, Francesco Zani, Pierre Lacroix, Jean-Louis Dehez, Bernard Pomiès, Jean-Pierre Razat, Pierre Gruppi, Jean-Louis Mazas, Jean-Michel Pechambert

Remplaçants : Georges Cavailles, Pierre Biémouret, Claude Salesse, Jean-Claude Soula, Serge Méricq

Dax Jean-Michel Lucq, Léon Bérho, Christian Lasserre, Marcel Cassiède, Jean-Claude Labadie, Pierre Darbos, Gilles Benali, Claude Contis, Georges Capdepuy, Pierre Albaladejo, Jacques Bénède, Jean-Claude Sanz, Claude Dourthe, Michel Arrieumerlou, Jacques Saubesty
Agen 1 try Lasserre, 1 penalty and 1 drop Dehez
Dax 1 try Benali, 1 conversion Saubesty, 1 drop Albaladejo

Dax line-up a very young team, with a lot of young people. Dourthe (17 years ols), Arrieumerlou (18 and half), Capdepuy (20) and Benali (18).

The final was signed by a lot of brutalities and violence.[1]

Notes and references[edit]

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