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Timeline of Indian history

Events in the year 1965 in the Republic of India.



January to June[edit]

July to December[edit]

  • 5 August – War begins between India and Pakistan.
  • 2 September – Kashmir is declared an "Integral Part of India" and is not a "disputed territory", later responded by the Pakistani troops entering the Indian sector of Kashmir.
  • 6 September – Indian troops attempt to invade Lahore.
  • 6 September – 22 September – A full-scale Indo-Pakistani war is fought over Kashmir, which ends after a UN Security Council calls for a ceasefire on 20 September.
  • 8 September – India opens two additional fronts against Pakistan.
  • 9 September – U.N. Secretary General U Thant negotiates with Pakistan President Ayub Khan.
  • 16 September – China protests against Indian provocations in its border region.
  • 18 September – Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin invites the leaders of India and Pakistan to meet in the Soviet Union to negotiate.
  • 22 September – Radio Peking announces that Indian troops have dismantled their equipment on the Chinese side of the border.
  • 24 September – Fighting resumes between Indian and Pakistani troops.
  • 1 December – The Border Security Force is formed as a special force to guard the borders.

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