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The 1967 National Football League expansion draft was a National Football League (NFL) draft held on February 9, 1967 in which a new expansion team named the New Orleans Saints selected its first players.[1] On November 1, 1966, (All Saints Day), NFL owners awarded its 16th team franchise to the city of New Orleans, Louisiana,[2] the expansion draft included future Hall of Famer running back Paul Hornung, who set an NFL record by scoring 176 points in only 12 games in 1960 for the Green Bay Packers, but did not play in Super Bowl I. Hornung never played a down for the Saints and retired in the preseason due to a neck injury.

Following the expansion draft, the Saints signed Hornung's backfield mate with the Packers, Jim Taylor to a 10-year, $400,000 contract. Taylor played just one season in his home state (Taylor was a native of Baton Rouge and was an All-American at LSU) and retired in September 1968.

Player selections[edit]

1967 NFL expansion draft — New Orleans Saints
From Player Position[3][4] Experience[5] College[3][5] Notes
Baltimore Colts Burkett, JackieJackie Burkett  LB 79 6 Auburn
Baltimore Colts Davis, TedTed Davis  LB 38 3 Georgia Tech
Baltimore Colts Stonebreaker, SteveSteve Stonebreaker  LB 60 5 Detroit
Chicago Bears Mattson, RileyRiley Mattson  OT 68 5 Oregon
Chicago Bears Schweda, BrianBrian Schweda  DE 14 1 Kansas
Chicago Bears Whitsell, DaveDave Whitsell *  CB 119 9 Indiana
Cleveland Browns Battle, JimJim Battle  DE 6 1 Southern
Cleveland Browns Morrow, JohnJohn Morrow *  C 125 10 Michigan
Cleveland Browns Roberts, WalterWalter Roberts  FL 42 3 San Jose State
Dallas Cowboys Logan, ObertObert Logan  S 28 2 Trinity
Dallas Cowboys Sandeman, BillBill Sandeman  OT 8 1 Pacific
Dallas Cowboys Stephens, LarryLarry Stephens  DT 94 7 Texas
Detroit Lions Cody, BillBill Cody  LB 1 1 Auburn
Detroit Lions Smith, BobbyBobby Smith  CB 69 6 UCLA Also known as Bobby Lee Smith
Detroit Lions Walker, WillieWillie Walker  FL-SE 9 1 Tennessee State
Green Bay Packers Curry, BillBill Curry *  C-LB 28 2 Georgia Tech
Green Bay Packers Hornung, PaulPaul Hornung *   HB 104 9 Notre Dame
Green Bay Packers Vandersea, PhilPhil Vandersea  FB-LB 14 1 Massachusetts
Los Angeles Rams Heckard, SteveSteve Heckard  FL-SE 25 2 Davidson; USC
Los Angeles Rams Leggett, EarlEarl Leggett  DT 112 9 Louisiana State
Los Angeles Rams Wendryhoski, JoeJoe Wendryhoski  C-E 31 3 Illinois
Minnesota Vikings Hall, TomTom Hall  FL-SE 69 5 Minnesota
Minnesota Vikings Rose, GeorgeGeorge Rose  CB 34 3 Auburn
Minnesota Vikings Tilleman, MikeMike Tilleman  DT 12 1 Montana
New York Giants Garcia, JimJim Garcia  DE 22 2 Purdue
New York Giants Scholtz, BobBob Scholtz  OT 81 7 Notre Dame
New York Giants Wood, GaryGary Wood  QB 35 3 Cornell
Philadelphia Eagles Cahill, DaveDave Cahill  DE 14 1 Northern Arizona
Philadelphia Eagles Rissmiller, RayRay Rissmiller  OT 1 1 Georgia
Philadelphia Eagles Whittingham, FredFred Whittingham  LB 19 2 Cal Poly
Pittsburgh Steelers Bradshaw, CharlieCharlie Bradshaw *  OT 118 9 Baylor
Pittsburgh Steelers Simmons, JerryJerry Simmons  SE 17 2 Bethune-Cookman
Pittsburgh Steelers Smith, BobbyBobby Smith *  HB 36 3 North Texas State Also known as Bob Smith
St. Louis Cardinals Heidel, JimmyJimmy Heidel  S 14 1 Mississippi
St. Louis Cardinals Ogden, RayRay Ogden  TE 17 2 Alabama
St. Louis Cardinals Simmons, DaveDave Simmons  LB 20 2 Georgia Tech
San Francisco 49ers Kilmer, BillyBilly Kilmer *  QB 39 4 UCLA
San Francisco 49ers Kimbrough, ElbertElbert Kimbrough  S 75 6 Northwestern
San Francisco 49ers Kramer, KentKent Kramer  TE 14 1 Minnesota
Washington Redskins Barrington, TomTom Barrington  FB 6 1 Ohio State
Washington Redskins Croftcheck, DonDon Croftcheck  G 26 2 Indiana
Washington Redskins Kupp, JakeJake Kupp *  G 42 3 Washington
      Made roster    *   Made Pro Bowl during career    †   Pro Football Hall of Fame


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