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Cardinal one hundred ninety-six
Ordinal 196th
(one hundred ninety-sixth)
Factorization 22× 72
Divisors 1, 2, 4, 7, 14, 28, 49, 98, 196
Greek numeral ΡϞϚ´
Roman numeral CXCVI
Binary 110001002
Ternary 210213
Quaternary 30104
Quinary 12415
Senary 5246
Octal 3048
Duodecimal 14412
Hexadecimal C416
Vigesimal 9G20
Base 36 5G36

196 (one hundred [and] ninety-six) is the natural number following 195 and preceding 197.

In mathematics[edit]

196 is:

There are 196 one-sided heptominoes, the polyominoes made from 7 squares.

Possible Lychrel number[edit]

A Lychrel number is a natural number which cannot form a palindromic number through the iterative process of repeatedly reversing its digits and adding the resulting numbers. 196 is the lowest number conjectured to be a Lychrel number in base 10; the process has been carried out for over billion iterations without finding a palindrome, but no one has ever proven that it will never produce one.

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