1972 European Figure Skating Championships

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1972 European Championships
Type: ISU Championship
Season: 1971-1972
Location: Sweden Gothenburg
Men's singles:
Czechoslovakia Ondrej Nepela
Ladies' singles:
Austria Beatrix Schuba
Pair skating:
Soviet Union Irina Rodnina / Alexei Ulanov
Ice dancing:
West Germany Angelika Buck / Erich Buck
1971 European Championships
1973 European Championships

The 1972 European Figure Skating Championships were the European Figure Skating Championships of the 1971-1972 season. Elite senior-level figure skaters from European ISU member nations competed for the title of European Champion. Skaters competed in the disciplines of ladies' singles,[1] men's singles,[2] pair skating,[3] and ice dancing.[4]

In 1972, the European Championships were held at the Scandinavium in Gothenburg, Sweden, from January 11–15.


The 1970 European bronze medalist, Günter Zöller, arrived in Gothenburg with the East German team but withdrew before the start of the event after going to the West German embassy to defect.[5][6]

In the men's event, the top three after the compulsory figures held their placements for the medals. Ondrej Nepela completed triple salchow and toe loop jumps and finished first ahead of Sergei Chetverukhin, who skated with power, flow, and elegance but fell on a triple salchow attempt. Patrick Péra won the bronze medal with no triples at all. Yuri Ovchinnikov placed second in the free skate but was unable to move up to the podium after placing seventh in figures.[7]

The ladies' title was again won by defending champion Beatrix Schuba, who built up such an overwhelming lead in the compulsory figures that she won by a huge margin despite placing 5th in the free skate. Afterwards a German newspaper mocked her as the "Champion Without a Double Axel". Rita Trapanese took the silver medal, while Sonja Morgenstern moved up to bronze medal position after winning the free skate with a performance for which she received a 6.0 mark for artistic impression.[7]

In the pairs event, Irina Rodnina / Alexei Ulanov also successfully defended their title in spite of some small mistakes. Liudmila Smirnova / Andrei Suraikin won the silver with a performance that was considered more artistic, if less difficult, than that of the winners. The third-place team, Manuela Groß / Uwe Kagelmann, included two throw double axels in their free skate, which at that time was one of the most difficult elements attempted by pair skaters, and unusual enough to draw comment. As Gross was only 14 years old at this time while her partner Kagelmann was a tall grown man of 21, they were one of the first of what later became known as "one-and-a-half" or "flea-and-gorilla" pair teams.[7][8]

The dance event was the only discipline in which the title changed hands, as Angelika and Erich Buck unseated the defending champions Lyudmila Pakhomova / Alexander Gorshkov. The bronze medal went to the veteran British competitor Janet Sawbridge, now skating with Peter Dalby. It was Sawbridge's sixth medal at the European championships, achieved with three different partners.[7]



Rank Name Nation
1 Ondrej Nepela  Czechoslovakia
2 Sergei Chetverukhin  Soviet Union
3 Patrick Péra  France
4 Haig Oundjian  United Kingdom
5 John Curry  United Kingdom
6 Vladimir Kovalev  Soviet Union
7 Yuri Ovchinnikov  Soviet Union
8 Didier Gailhaguet  France
9 Daniel Höner   Switzerland
10 Zdeněk Pazdírek  Czechoslovakia
11 Bernd Wunderlich  East Germany
12 Josef Schneider  Austria
13 Stefano Bargauan  Italy
14 László Vajda  Hungary
15 Harald Kuhn  West Germany
16 Günther Hilgarth  Austria
17 Gordon Andison  United Kingdom
18 Gheorghe Fazekas  Romania
19 Pekka Leskinen  Finland
20 Peter Augustovic  Czechoslovakia
21 Thomas Öberg  Sweden
22 Zoran Matas  Yugoslavia
23 John Ferdinandsen  Denmark
WD Günter Zöller  East Germany


Rank Name Nation
1 Beatrix Schuba  Austria
2 Rita Trapanese  Italy
3 Sonja Morgenstern  East Germany
4 Zsuzsa Almássy  Hungary
5 Christine Errath  East Germany
6 Charlotte Walter   Switzerland
7 Jean Scott  United Kingdom
8 Maria McLean  United Kingdom
9 Dianne de Leeuw  Netherlands
10 Elena Alexandrova  Soviet Union
11 Isabel de Navarre  West Germany
12 Liana Drahová  Czechoslovakia
13 Gerti Schanderl  West Germany
14 Anita Johansson  Sweden
15 Karin Iten   Switzerland
16 Cinzia Frosio  Italy
17 Sonja Balun  Austria
18 Urszula Zielińska  Poland
19 Hana Knapová  Czechoslovakia
20 Marie-Claude Bierre  France
21 Steffi Knoll  East Germany
22 Iris Ebenwaldner  Austria
23 Marina Sanaya  Soviet Union
24 Donna Walter   Switzerland
25 Helena Gazvoda  Yugoslavia
26 Manuele Bertele  Italy
27 Liv Egelund  Norway
28 Kirsten Frikke  Denmark


Rank Name Nation
1 Irina Rodnina / Alexei Ulanov  Soviet Union
2 Liudmila Smirnova / Andrei Suraikin  Soviet Union
3 Manuela Groß / Uwe Kagelmann  East Germany
4 Almut Lehmann / Herbert Wiesinger  West Germany
5 Annette Kansy / Axel Salzmann  East Germany
6 Irina Cherniaeva / Vasili Blagov  Soviet Union
7 Marlies Radunsky / Rolf Österreich  East Germany
8 Grażyna Osmańska / Adam Brodecki  Poland
9 Corinna Halke / Eberhard Rausch  West Germany
10 Linda Connolly / Colin Taylforth  United Kingdom
11 Florence Cahn / Jean-Roland Racle  France
12 Teresa Skrzek / Piotr Sczypa  Poland
13 Gabriele Cieplik / Reinhard Ketterer  West Germany
14 Karin Künzle / Christian Künzle   Switzerland
15 Ursula Nemec / Michael Nemec  Austria
16 Pascale Kovelmann / Jean-Pierre Rondel  France
17 Miroslava Sablikova / Pavel Komarek  Czechoslovakia
18 Jayne Torvill / Michael Hutchinson  United Kingdom

Ice dancing[edit]

Rank Name Nation
1 Angelika Buck / Erich Buck  West Germany
2 Liudmila Pakhomova / Alexander Gorshkov  Soviet Union
3 Janet Sawbridge / Peter Dalby  United Kingdom
4 Hilary Green / Glyn Watts  United Kingdom
5 Tatiana Voitiuk / Viacheslav Zhigalin  Soviet Union
6 Elena Zharkova / Gennadi Karponosov  Soviet Union
7 Diana Skotnická / Martin Skotnický  Czechoslovakia
8 Rosalind Druce / David Barker  United Kingdom
9 Teresa Weyna / Piotr Bojanczyk  Poland
10 Anne-Claude Wolfers / Roland Mars  France
11 Krisztina Regőczy / András Sallay  Hungary
12 Matilde Ciccia / Lamberto Ceserani  Italy
13 Sylvia Fuchs / Michael Fuchs  West Germany
14 Ewa Kolodziej / Tadeusz Góra  Poland
15 Brigitte Scheijbal / Walter Leschetizky  Austria
16 Sylvia Bodmer / Beat Steib   Switzerland
17 Astrid Kopp / Axel Kopp  West Germany
18 Svetlana Marinovova / Milos Bursik  Czechoslovakia
19 Vivi Poulsen / Kurt Poulsen  Denmark