1975 All-Big Ten Conference football team

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The 1975 All-Big Ten Conference football team consists of American football players chosen by various organizations for All-Big Ten Conference teams for the 1975 Big Ten Conference football season.

Offensive selections[edit]


Running backs[edit]

Wide receivers[edit]

  • Jim Smith, Michigan (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Scott Yelvington, Northwestern (UPI-2)

Tight ends[edit]

  • Joe Smalzer, Illinois (AP-1)
  • Mike Cobb, Michigan State (UPI-1)
  • Brandt Yocum, Iowa (UPI-2)


  • Paul Jasinskis, Northwestern (AP-1; UPI-2)
  • Jim Czirr, Michigan (UPI-1)



  • Scott Dannelley, Ohio State (AP-1; UPI-2)
  • Rod Walter, Iowa (AP-1)
  • Dennis Lick, Wisconsin (UPI-1)
  • Chris Ward, Ohio State (UPI-1)
  • Ken Long, Purdue (UPI-2)

Defensive selections[edit]

Defensive ends[edit]

  • Dan Jilek, Michigan (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Bob Brudzinski, Ohio State (UPI-1)
  • Pat Curto, Ohio State (UPI-2)
  • Dennis Stejskal, Wisconsin (UPI-2)

Defensive tackles[edit]

  • Nick Buonamici, Ohio State (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Keith Simons, Minnesota (AP-1; UPI-2)
  • Greg Morton, Michigan (UPI-1)
  • Greg Schaum, Ohio State (UPI-2)

Nose guards[edit]

  • Tim Davis, Michigan (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Aaron Brown, Ohio State (UPI-2)


  • Donnie Thomas, Indiana (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Ed Thompson, Ohio State (AP-1; UPI-2)
  • Blane Smith, Purdue (AP-1)
  • Calvin O'Neal, Michigan (UPI-1)
  • Andre Jackson, Iowa (UPI-2)

Defensive backs[edit]

  • Don Dufek, Michigan (AP-1 [linebacker]; UPI-1)
  • Tim Fox, Ohio State (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Tom Hannon, Michigan State (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Pete Shaw, Northwestern (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Bruce Beaman, Illinois (UPI-2)
  • Doug Beaudoin, Minnesota (UPI-2)
  • Craig Cassady, Ohio State (UPI-2)
  • Jim Pickens, Michigan (UPI-2)

Special teams[edit]


  • Dan Beaver, Illinois (AP-1; UPI-1)



AP = Associated Press, selected by a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters from throughout the Midwest[1]

UPI = United Press International, as chosen by the Big Ten coaches for the UPI[2]

Bold = Consensus first-team selection of the AP and UPI

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