1965 National Invitation Tournament

The National Invitation Tournament was originated by the Metropolitan Basketball Writers Association in 1938. Responsibility for its administration was transferred two years to local colleges, first known as the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Basketball Committee and in 1948, as the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Basketball Association, which comprised representatives from five New York City schools: Fordham University, Manhattan College, New York University, St. John's University, Wagner College. All of the teams qualifying for the tournament were invited to New York City, all games were played at Madison Square Garden; the tournament consisted of only 6 teams, which expanded to 8 teams in 1941, 12 teams in 1949, 14 teams in 1965, 16 teams in 1968, 24 teams in 1979, 32 teams in 1980, 40 teams from 2002 through 2006. In 2007, the tournament reverted to the current 32-team format. Below is a list of the 14 teams selected for the tournament. Below is the tournament bracket. 1965 NCAA University Division Basketball Tournament 1965 NCAA College Division Basketball Tournament 1965 NAIA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament

Sultan bin Salman Al Saud

Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is a former Royal Saudi Air Force pilot who flew aboard the American STS-51-G Space Shuttle mission as a payload specialist, a member of the House of Saud. He is the first member of a royal family to fly in space, the first Arab to fly in space, the first Muslim to fly in space, as well as the youngest person to fly on the Space Shuttle. On 27 December 2018, he was appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Space Agency at the rank of minister. Sultan was born in Riyadh on 27 June 1956, he is the second son of King Salman. His older brother was Fahd, his mother was Sultana bint Turki Al Sudairi. She was a daughter of King Salman's uncle, Turki bin Ahmed Al Sudairi, one of the former governors of al-Jouf and Asir Province and was a participant in the unification campaign under his cousin, the founder of the Kingdom Abdulaziz ibn Saud. Prince Sultan is a full brother of Fahd, Abdulaziz and Hassa. Sultan completed his secondary education in Riyadh.

He received a B. A in Mass Communications from the University of Denver and a master's degree in social and political science with distinction from Syracuse University in 1999. Sultan bin Salman started his career in 1982 as a researcher in the department of international communications at the Ministry of Information in Saudi Arabia, his tenure lasted until 1984. He served as deputy director of the Saudi media committee for the Saudi athletes participating in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles; that year, the department of TV advertising was created at the Ministry of Information, he was appointed its acting director. From 17 June through 24 June 1985, he flew as a payload specialist on STS-51-G Discovery; as one of a seven-member international crew, which included American and French astronauts, he represented the Arab Satellite Communications Organization in deploying its satellite, ARABSAT-1B. He assisted in establishing the Association of Space Explorers, an international organization comprising all astronauts and cosmonauts who have been in space, served on its executive board of directors for several years.

In 1985, Sultan recorded a commercial message, broadcast on MTV during the Live Aid concert event. His message mentioned his recent trip on the Space Shuttle and was one of 33 such by notable individuals including Cesar Chavez, Coretta Scott King, Carl Sagan, Jesse Jackson and Peter Ueberroth. Sultan bin Salman served in the Royal Saudi Air Force beginning in 1985 and held the rank of lieutenant colonel, he retired from the air force in 1996 with the rank of colonel. At the time of his space flight, Sultan had over 1,000 cumulative hours of flight time. On 27 December 2018, Sultan bin Salman was appointed as Chairman of the Board to the newly established space commission in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Space Commission. From 2009 until joining the space commission, Sultan bin Salman served as the President and Chairman of the Board with the rank of a Minister of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, he had served as the Commission's Secretary General since its inception in 2000. It is claimed that as Secretary-General, he contributed to the improvement of Saudi Arabia's tourism and national heritage strategy, organizational building and innovation in the Saudi government.

Sultan bin Salman Al Saud has written several books: Early Documents in Architectural Legacy The Architectural Heritage HRH Prince Sultan Ben Salman Ben Abdel Aziz Al Saud, Dr. Ahmed Nabil Abo-khatwa Dr. Tarek Ali Fadaak. One planet, the story of the first Arab mission to space. Saudi Arabia's heritage dimension: a lecture given in the Taylor Institution, Oxford on 1 June 2010 by Sulṭān ibn Salmān Ibn ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz The Possible Imagination Al Saud edited the following book: Facey, William. Back to Earth: Adobe Building in Saudi Arabia, edited by Prince Sultan bin Salman Abd al-Aziz Al Sa'ud. Riyadh: Al Turath Foundation, 2015. Sultan bin Salman is married to Princess Haifa, daughter of Prince Saud bin Faisal, the late minister of foreign affairs of Saudi Arabia, they have three children. His son, attended St. Andrew's University in Scotland and Oxford University and married a daughter of Prince Khalid bin Saud Al Saud, a great-grandson of Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman, the brother of King Abdulaziz in Riyadh on 5 December 2012.

His daughter attended St. Andrews University. Sultan enjoys flying, gliding and exploring nature in his spare time, he owns a farm in Diriyah, a model of modern facilities in a historical setting. His farm reflects his attempt to retrace the origins of the Al Saud family, to document the Al Saud's claims over the Najd. Sultan has received the following awards/recognition: The King Abd Alaziz Sash, KSA Certificate of Appreciation, NASA NASA Space Flight Medal Officier De La Légion D’Honneur Resolution by the House of Representatives of Massachusetts, USA commending the first Saudi Arabian Astronaut in space First Class Order of the Republic, Republic of Tunisia Al Bahrain Medal First Class, Bahrain Hilal-I Pakistan Pakistan Key to the County of Los Angeles, California, U. S. A Key to the City of Dallas, Texas, USA Honorary PhD, The King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Golden Medal of Science and Art, Sudan Independence Medal First Class, United Arab Emirates Medal of National Arts