1982–83 French Rugby Union Championship

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French Rugby Championship 1982-83
Countries  France
Number of teams Group A : 40 teams
Group B : 40 teams
Champions Béziers (10th title)
Group B : Hagetmau
Runners-up RC Nice
Group B : Paris UC
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1983-84 →

The 1982-83 French Rugby Union Championship was won by Béziers < beating RC Nice in the final.

The group B was won by Hagetmau beating Paris UC in the final.


Both group are formed by 40 clubs divide in four pool of ten clubs.

In both group the two better of each pool were admitted directly to "last 16" round of knockout stage, while the classifie from 3rd to 6th of each pool were admitted to a barrage.

Group A[edit]

Qualification round[edit]

The teams are listed as the ranking, in bold the teams admitted directly to "last 16" round.

Pool 1

Pool 2

Pool 3

Pool 4


In bold the clubs qualified for the next round

Team 1 Team 2 Results
Perpignan Toulon 13-9
Toulouse Oloron 20-9
Bayonne Tulle 13-6
Angoulême Lourdes 18-20
Aurillac US Bressane 10-12
Dax Bègles 15-16
Montferrand Stade Bagnérais 7-3
Agen Tyrosse 27-12

"Last 16"[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the next round

Team 1 Team 2 1st match 2nd match
Stadoceste Perpignan 9-3 11-31
Béziers Toulose 3-0 12-6
Bayonne Montauban 27-3 13-6
Lourdes Grenoble 15-10 31-12
RRC Nice US Bressane 47-9 32-21
Pau Bègles 11-6 13-12
Montferrand Narbonne 21-12 9-21
Agen Graulhet 15-15 7-6

Quarter of finals[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the next round

Team 1 Team 2 Results
Perpignan Béziers 0-7
Bayonne Lourdes 13-12
RRC Nice Pau 19-15
Narbonne Agen 21-27


Team 1 Team 2 Results
Béziers Bayonne 19-12
RRC Nice Agen 18-12


Teams Béziers - RRC Nice
Score 14-06
Date 28 May 1983
Venue Parc des Princes, Paris
Referee René Hourquet
Béziers Armand Vaquerin, Diego Minaro, Jean-Louis Martin, Jean-Paul Wolff, Michel Palmié, Jean-Marc Cordier, Pierre Lacans, Jean-Michel Bagnaud, Philippe Vachier, Philippe Escande, Marc Andrieu, Patrick Fort, Fabrice Joguet, Michel Fabre, Philippe Bonhoure
Replacements : Philippe Chamayou, Christian Prax, Didier Farenq, Serge Doumayrou, Éric Piazza, Jean-Paul Medina
RC Nice Didier Félix, Bernard Herrero, Roger Charpentier, Jean-Paul Pelloux, Tony Catoni, Éric Buchet, Philippe Buchet, Jean-Charles Orso, François Pierre, Pierre Pédeutour, Jean Méry, Patrick Trautmann, Jean-Luc Bony, Alain Vallet, Patrick Barthélémy
Replacements : Pierre Mousain, Jean-François Tordo, Christian Panzavolta, Jean-Claude Baruteau, Alain Sudre, Georges Lauribe
Béziers 2 tries Vachier and Escande, 1 penalty Fort, 1 drop Escande
RC Nice 1 penalty and 1 drop Pédeutour

Another tile won by Bezièrs, the 10th in the history and 9th in last dozen of years.

Group B[edit]


Teams HagetmauParis UC
Score 12-07

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