1983–84 French Rugby Union Championship

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French Rugby Championship 1983-84
Countries  France
Number of teams 40 teams
Champions Béziers (11th title)
Runners-up Agen
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1984-85 →

The 1983-84 French Rugby Union Championship was won by Béziers beating Agen in the final.


Forty clubs divide into five pools of eight.

Ten teams (the first two of each pool) are admitted directly into the "last 16" round,

The 3rd and 4th of each pool and the better two classified as 5th, play a barrage.

Qualification round[edit]

The teams are listed as the ranking, in bold the teams admitted directly to "last 16" round.

Pool 1

Pool 2

Pool 3

Pool 4

Pool 5

Knoxkout stages[edit]


In bold the clubs qualified for the next round

Team 1 Team 2 Results
Tulle Mont de Marsan 16-10
Touloun Brive 21-9
Pau Perpignan 10-6
RRC Nice Lourdes 11-6
Tyrosse Toulouse 9-16
Hyères Oloron 3-6

"Last 16"[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the next round.

Team 1 Team 2 1st match 2nd match
Tulle Montferrand 3-22 6-18
Grenoble Toulon 15-3 4-6
Stadoceste Bègles 13-13 16-9
Béziers Pau 22-3 0-0
Narbonne RRC Nice 16-18 15-15
Bayonne Dax 6-19 24-22
Agen Toulose 20-12 27-13
Graulhet Oloron 9-3 27-10

Quarter of finals[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the next round

Team 1 Team 2 Results
Montferrand Grenoble 12-6
Stadoceste Béziers 12-22
RRC Nice Dax 21-13
Agen Graulhet 9-7


Team 1 Team 2 Results
Montferrand Béziers 4-8
RRC Nice Agen 14-21


Teams Béziers - Agen
Score 21-21 after overt time (12-12 at the end of regoular time). Béziers won at penalty kick tie-break
Date 26 May 1984
Venue Parc des Princes, Paris
Referee Jean-Claude Yché
Béziers Armand Vaquerin, Diego Minaro, Jean-Louis Martin, Jean-Paul Wolff, Michel Palmié, Jean-Marc Cordier, Pierre Lacans, Jean-Michel Bagnaud, Philippe Vachier, Philippe Escande, Jean-Paul Medina, Patrick Fort, Fabrice Joguet, Michel Fabre, Philippe Bonhoure
Replacements : Philippe Chamayou, Jean-Marc Pigeaud, Jean-Jacques Leipp, Éric Piazza, Claude Martinez, Albert Lless
Agen Jean-Louis Tolot, Jean-Louis Dupont, Daniel Dubroca, Patrick Pujade, Bernard Rivière, Jacques Gratton, Bernard Delbreil, Dominique Erbani, Joël Llop, Christian Delage, Bernard Lavigne, Philippe Mothe, Philippe Sella, Philippe Bérot, Bernard Viviès
Replacements : Michel Capot, Pierre Montlaur, Christophe Malbet, Paul Bertoni, Michel Murat, Éric Gleyze
Béziers 1 try Medina, 1 conversion and 4 penalties Fort, 1 drop Escande
Agen 1 try Delbreil, 1 conversion and 4 penalties Viviès, 1 drop Delage

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