1984 Copa del Rey de Baloncesto

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The 1984 Copa del Rey was the 48th edition of the Spanish basketball Cup. For the first time, it was organized by the ACB and played, for the first time in decades, with a Final Four format.[1] Zaragoza hosted the Cup at the Palacio Municipal de Deportes.

This edition was played by the two first qualified teams of the 1983–84 ACB first stage.

Qualified teams[edit]


30 November
1 December
  CAI Zaragoza 87  
  Joventut Massana 77    
      CAI Zaragoza 81
      FC Barcelona 78
  FC Barcelona 102    
  Real Madrid 100   Third place game
Real Madrid 88
  Joventut Massana 84


CAI Zaragoza won its first title ever thanks to a great performance of Kevin Magee.[2]

1 December 1983
19:00 GTM+1
CAI Zaragoza 81–78 FC Barcelona
Scoring by half: 38–47, 43–31
Pts: Magee 19
Rebs: Magee 13
Asts: Bosch 8
PIR: Magee 26
Pts: Epi 23
Rebs: Davis 11
Asts: Solozábal 6
PIR: Epi 22
Pabellón Municipal de Deportes, Zaragoza
Attendance: 5,000
Referees: José Mercé, José Ángel Gárate
1984 Copa del Rey Champions

CAI Zaragoza
First title


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