1984 IAAF World Women's Road Race Championships

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The 1984 IAAF World Women's Road Race Championships was the second edition of the annual international road running competition organised by the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF). The competition was hosted by Spain on 11 November 1984 in Madrid and featured one race only: a 10K run for women. There were individual and team awards available, with the national team rankings being decided by the combined times of a team's three best athletes (the only time this ranking system was used at the competition, as opposed to combined finishing positions). Countries with fewer than three finishers were not ranked.[1]

The race was won by Aurora Cunha of Portugal in a time of 33:04. She was followed shortly after by her teammate Rosa Mota, while Great Britain's Carole Bradford took third place. Bradford led the British women's team to the team title, with Deborah-Ann Peel in fourth and Carol Greenwood in seventh to provided a combined winning time of 1:41:24 hours. Just over a minute behind on time was Portugal (Conceição Ferreira in 29th being the third runner) and the United States team led by ninth-placed Gail Kingma rounded out the team podium.[2]



Rank Athlete Country Time (m:s)
1st, gold medalist(s) Aurora Cunha  Portugal (POR) 33:04
2nd, silver medalist(s) Rosa Mota  Portugal (POR) 33:18
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Carole Bradford  Great Britain (GBR) 33:25
4 Debbie Peel  Great Britain (GBR) 33:51
5 Anna Marie Malone  Canada (CAN) 34:01
6 Sally Pierson  Australia (AUS) 34:05
7 Carol Greenwood  Great Britain (GBR) 34:08
8 Monica Joyce  Ireland (IRL) 34:09
9 Gail Kingma  United States (USA) 34:12
10 Jeanette Nordgren  Sweden (SWE) 34:13
11 Jeanne Lasee  United States (USA) 34:23
12 Joan Nesbit  United States (USA) 34:36
13 Ana Isabel Alonso  Spain (ESP) 34:38
14 Alba Milana  Italy (ITA) 34:53
15 Pilar Fernandez  Spain (ESP) 35:06
16 Deirdre Nagle  Ireland (IRL) 35:06
17 Sylvie Bornet  France (FRA) 35:08
18 Rosanna Munerotto  Italy (ITA) 35:12
19 Michele Bush  United States (USA) 35:13
20 Magda Ilands  Belgium (BEL) 35:14
21 Maria Curatolo  Italy (ITA) 35:14
22 Ellen Wessinghage  West Germany (FRG) 35:15
23 Montserrat Abello  Spain (ESP) 35:41
24 Emma Scaunich  Italy (ITA) 35:56
25 Regina Chemeli  Kenya (KEN) 35:56
26 Jocelyne Villeton  France (FRA) 35:57
27 ?
28 Anne-Marie Cienka  France (FRA) 36:07
29 Conceição Ferreira  Portugal (POR) 36:11
30 ?
31 Christina Mai  West Germany (FRG) 36:16
32 El-Hassania Darami  Morocco (MAR) 36:27
33 Anni Müller  Austria (AUT) 36:28
34 Denise Verhaert  Belgium (BEL) 36:33
35 ?
36 Zita Agoston  Hungary (HUN) 36:40
37 ?
38 ?
39 Jutta Zimmerman  Austria (AUT) 37:01
40 ?
41 Emily Dowling  Ireland (IRL) 37:19
42 Wendy Hancock  New Zealand (NZL) 37:23
43 Ursula Noctor  Ireland (IRL) 37:24
44 Margrit Isenegger   Switzerland (SUI) 37:49
45 Elizabeth Franzis  West Germany (FRG) 38:08
46 ?
47 ?
48 Mariana Chirila  Romania (ROM) 38:28
49 Stella-Maris Selles  Argentina (ARG) 38:50
50 ?
51 Priscilla Chemeli  Kenya (KEN) 39:26


Rank Team Points
1st, gold medalist(s)  Great Britain (GBR)
Carole Bradford
Deborah-Ann Peel
Carol Greenwood
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Portugal (POR)
Aurora Cunha
Rosa Mota
Conceição Ferreira
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  United States (USA)
Gail Kingma
Jeanne Lasee
Joan Nrsbit
4  Italy (ITA)
Alba Milana
Rosanna Munerotto
Maria Curatolo
5  Spain (ESP)
Ana Isabel Alonso
Pilar Fernandez
Montserrat Abello
6  Ireland (IRL)
Monica Joyce
Deirdre Nagle
Emily Dowling
7  France (FRA)
Sylvie Bornet
Jocelyne Villeton
Anne-Marie Cienka
8  West Germany (FRG)
Ellen Wessinghage
Christina Mai
Elizabeth Franzis