1985–86 Whitbread Round the World Race

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Whitbread Round the World Race
WinnerL'Esprit d'Équipe

The 1985–86 Whitbread Round the World Race was the fourth edition of the Whitbread Round the World Race. Fifteen boats started out from Southampton on 28 September 1985 for the around-the-world race.

L'Esprit d'Equipe skippered by Lionel Péan won the race in a corrected time of 111 days 23 hours. Phillips Innovator was second, and Swan 651 Fazer Finland third. (UBS Switzerland was named first on elapsed time, with Lion New Zealand as runner-up. Drum (carrying owner/pop star Simon Le Bon) finished just a breath behind.)[1]


Event Start date Start Finish Distance (nmi) Winner
Leg 1 28 September 1985 United Kingdom Portsmouth South Africa Cape Town 7,350 L'Esprit d'Equipe
Leg 2 4 December 1985 South Africa Cape Town New Zealand Auckland 7,300 Philip's Innovator
Leg 3 15 February 1986 New Zealand Auckland Uruguay Punta del Este 6,215 L'Esprit d'Equipe
Leg 4 9 April 1986 Uruguay Punta del Este United Kingdom Portsmouth 5,875 L'Esprit d'Equipe


L'esprit d'équipe and SAS Baia Viking in Punta del Este, 1986.


Pos Boat name Skipper Country Corrected time
1 L'Esprit d'Équipe Lionel Péan  France 111d 23h
2 Philips Innovator Dirk Nauta  Netherlands 112d 21h
3 Fazer Finland Michael Berner  Finland 115d 0h
4 UBS Switzerland Pierre Fehlmann   Switzerland 117d 4h
5 Rucanor Tristar Gustaaf Versluys  Belgium 118d 9h
6 Fortuna Lights Javier Visiers, Jorgie Brufau & Antonio Guiu  Spain 121d 0h
7 Lion New Zealand Peter Blake  New Zealand 121d 7h
8 Drum Skip Novak  United Kingdom 122d 6h
9 Equity & Law Pleun van der Lugt  Netherlands 123d 6h
10 Cote d'Or Eric Tabarly  Belgium 125d 19h
11 Shadow of Switzerland Otto Zehender-Mueller & Nora Zehender-Mueller   Switzerland 128d 11h
12 Norsk Data GB Bob Salmon  United Kingdom 136d 1h
13 SAS Baia Viking Jesper Norsk  Denmark 144d 18h
NZI Enterprise Digby Taylor  New Zealand DNF
Atlantic Privateer Padda Kuttel  United States DNF

Legend: DNF – Did not finish;