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The 1986 Coppa Kouros was the opening round of the 1986 World Sports-Prototype Championship. It took place at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy on April 20, 1986.

Official results[edit]

Class winners in bold. Cars failing to complete 75% of the winner's distance marked as Not Classified (NC).

Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Tyre Laps
1 C1 1 Germany Rothmans Porsche Germany Hans-Joachim Stuck
United Kingdom Derek Bell
Porsche 962C D 63
Porsche Type-935 2.6L Turbo Flat-6
2 C1 4 Italy Martini Racing Italy Andrea de Cesaris
Italy Alessandro Nannini
Lancia LC2 M 63
Ferrari 308C 3.0L Turbo V8
3 C1 19 Switzerland Brun Motorsport Switzerland Walter Brun
Italy Massimo Sigala
Porsche 956 M 61
Porsche Type-935 2.6L Turbo Flat-6
4 C1 18 Switzerland Brun Motorsport Argentina Oscar Larrauri
Spain Jesús Pareja
Porsche 962C M 61
Porsche Type-935 2.6L Turbo Flat-6
5 C1 17 Switzerland Brun Motorsport United States Drake Olson
Belgium Thierry Boutsen
Porsche 962C M 61
Porsche Type-935 2.6L Turbo Flat-6
6 C1 2 Germany Rothmans Porsche Germany Jochen Mass
France Bob Wollek
Porsche 962C D 61
Porsche Type-935 2.6L Turbo Flat-6
7 C1 9 Germany Obermaier Racing Germany Richard Hamann
Italy Fulvio Ballabio
Porsche 956 G 61
Porsche Type-935 2.6L Turbo Flat-6
8 C1 10 Germany Porsche Kremer Racing Austria Jo Gartner
Germany Klaus Niedzwiedz
Porsche 962C Y 60
Porsche Type-935 2.6L Turbo Flat-6
9 C1 61 Switzerland Kouros Racing Team France Henri Pescarolo
Denmark John Nielsen
Sauber C8 G 60
Mercedes-Benz M117 5.0L Turbo V8
10 C1 33 United Kingdom John Fitzpatrick Racing Spain Emilio de Villota
Spain Fermín Vélez
Porsche 956B G 59
Porsche Type-935 2.6L Turbo Flat-6
11 C2 74 Germany Gebhardt Motorsport Germany Frank Jelinski
Sweden Stanley Dickens
Gebhardt JC853 A 57
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3L V8
12 C1 63 Germany Ernst Schuster Germany Ernst Schuster
Germany Siegfried Brunn
Porsche 936C D 56
Porsche Type-962 2.8L Turbo Flat-6
13 C1 66 United Kingdom Cosmic Racing Greece Costas Los March 84G A 56
Porsche Type-935 2.6L Turbo Flat-6
14 C2 70 United Kingdom Spice Engineering United Kingdom Gordon Spice
United Kingdom Ray Bellm
Spice SE86C A 55
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3L V8
15 C2 89 Norway Martin Schanche Racing Norway Martin Schanche
Norway Birger Dyrstad
Argo JM19 G 55
Zakspeed 1.9L Turbo I4
16 GTX 181 Italy "Victor" Italy "Victor"
Italy Toni Palma
Porsche 935  ? 52
Porsche Type-930 3.2L Turbo Flat-6
17 C2 105 Italy Kelmar Racing Italy Pasquale Barberio
Switzerland Jean-Pierre Frey
Tiga GC85 A 49
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3L V8
C2 80 Italy Jolly Club
Italy Carma F.F. SRL
Italy Carlo Facetti
Italy Martino Finotto
Alba AR6 A 33
Carma FF 1.9L Turbo I4
C1 52 United Kingdom Silk Cut Jaguar France Jean-Louis Schlesser
Italy Gianfranco Brancatelli
Jaguar XJR-6 D 61
Jaguar 6.5L V12
C1 8 Germany Joest Racing Germany "John Winter"
Belgium Marc Duez
Porsche 956 G 60
Porsche Type-935 2.6L Turbo Flat-6
C2 75 United Kingdom ADA Engineering United Kingdom Evan Clements
United Kingdom Ian Harrower
Gebhardt JC843 A 55
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3L V8
C1 7 Germany Joest Racing Germany Klaus Ludwig
Italy Paolo Barilla
Porsche 956B G 50
Porsche Type-935 2.6L Turbo Flat-6
C1 51 United Kingdom Silk Cut Jaguar United Kingdom Derek Warwick
United States Eddie Cheever
Jaguar XJR-6 D 47
Jaguar 6.5L V12
C2 77 United Kingdom Chamberlain Engineering United Kingdom Gareth Chapman
United Kingdom Will Hoy
Tiga TS85 A 44
Hart 418T 1.8L Turbo I4
C2 99 United Kingdom Roy Baker Promotions United Kingdom Dudley Wood
Denmark Thorkild Thyrring
Tiga GC285 A 14
Ford Cosworth BDT 1.7L Turbo I4
C2 83 Italy Techno Racing Italy Luigi Taverna
Italy Mario Sala
Alba AR3 A 11
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3L V8
C2 92 France Automobiles Louis Descartes France Louis Descartes
France Jacques Heuclin
ALD 02 A 4
BMW M88 3.5L I6
DNS C2 72 United Kingdom Chevron Racing
United Kingdom John Bartlett Racing
United Kingdom Roger Andreason
Morocco Max Cohen-Olivar
Chevron B62  ? -
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0L V8


  • Pole Position - #4 Martini Racing - 1:32.320
  • Fastest Lap - #4 Martini Racing - 1:36.960
  • Average Speed - 201.746 km/h


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