1988 1000 km of Monza

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The 1988 1000 km di Monza was the third round of the 1988 World Sportscar Championship season. It took place at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy on April 10, 1988.

Official results[edit]

Class winners in bold. Cars failing to complete 75% of the winner's distance marked as Not Classified (NC).

Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Tyre Laps
1 C1 1 United Kingdom Silk Cut Jaguar United Kingdom Martin Brundle
United States Eddie Cheever
Jaguar XJR-9 D 173
Jaguar 7.0L V12
2 C1 61 Switzerland Team Sauber Mercedes France Jean-Louis Schlesser
Italy Mauro Baldi
Germany Jochen Mass
Sauber C9 M 172
Mercedes-Benz M117 5.0L Turbo V8
3 C1 6 Switzerland Brun Motorsport Argentina Oscar Larrauri
Italy Massimo Sigala
Porsche 962C M 171
Porsche Type-935 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
4 C1 8 Germany Joest Racing Germany Frank Jelinski
Germany "John Winter"
Porsche 962C G 168
Porsche Type-935 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
5 C1 7 Germany Joest Racing Germany Klaus Ludwig
France Bob Wollek
Porsche 962C G 164
Porsche Type-935 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
6 C1 10 Germany Porsche Kremer Racing Germany Volker Weidler
Italy Bruno Giacomelli
Porsche 962C Y 164
Porsche Type-935 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
7 C1 13 France Primagaz Competition France Pierre-Henri Raphanel
Italy Roberto Ravaglia
Cougar C20B M 162
Porsche Type-935 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
8 C2 111 United Kingdom Spice Engineering United Kingdom Ray Bellm
United Kingdom Gordon Spice
Spice SE88C G 158
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3L V8
9 C1 40 Switzerland Swiss Team Salamin United Kingdom Dudley Wood
Switzerland Antoine Salamin
Porsche 962C G 157
Porsche Type-935 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
10 C2 103 United Kingdom Spice Engineering Italy Almo Coppelli
Denmark Thorkild Thyrring
Spice SE88C G 157
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3L V8
11 C2 107 United Kingdom Chamberlain Engineering France Claude Ballot-Léna
France Jean-Louis Ricci
Spice SE88C A 143
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3L V8
C2 117 Norway Team Lucky Strike Schanche Norway Martin Schanche
United Kingdom Will Hoy
Argo JM19C G 153
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3L V8
C1 5 Switzerland Brun Motorsport Germany Manuel Reuter
Spain Jesús Pareja
Porsche 962C M 143
Porsche Type-935 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
C1 2 United Kingdom Silk Cut Jaguar Netherlands Jan Lammers
United Kingdom Johnny Dumfries
Jaguar XJR-9 D 114
Jaguar 7.0L V12
C1 4 Switzerland Brun Motorsport Switzerland Walter Brun
Germany Uwe Schäfer
Porsche 962C M 114
Porsche Type-935 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
C2 177 France Automobiles Louis Descartes France Dominique Lacaud
France Jacques Heuclin
France Gérard Tremblay
ALD C2 A 63
BMW M80 3.5L I6
C2 151 Switzerland Pierre-Alain Lombardi Switzerland Pierre-Alain Lombardi
Switzerland Silvio Vaglio
Switzerland Rolando Vaglio
Rondeau M379C A 53
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.0L V8
C2 127 United Kingdom Chamberlain Engineering South Africa Graham Duxbury
United Kingdom Nick Adams
Spice SE86C A 38
Hart 418T 1.8L Turbo I4
C2 191 United Kingdom PC Automotive United Kingdom Richard Piper
Republic of Ireland Martin Birrane
United States Olindo Iacobelli
Argo JM19C G 24
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3L V8
C2 109 Italy Kelmar Racing Italy Ranieri Randaccio
Italy Vito Veninata
Italy Pasquale Barberio
Tiga GC85 A 23
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3L V8
C2 123 United Kingdom Charles Ivey Racing South Africa Wayne Taylor
United Kingdom Tim Harvey
Tiga GC287 D 17
Porsche Type-935 2.8L Turbo Flat-6
C1 24 Italy Mussato Action Car
Italy Dollop Racing
Italy Andrea de Cesaris
Germany Christian Danner
Lancia LC2 D 11
Ferrari 308C 3.0L Turbo V8
C2 101 Italy Dollop Racing Italy Nicola Marozzo
Switzerland Jean-Pierre Frey
Argo JM19B G 9
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3L V8
C2 121 United Kingdom Cosmik GP Motorsport France Philippe de Henning
Greece Costas Los
Spice SE87C G 6
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.3L V8
C2 172 France Automobiles Louis Descartes Morocco Max Cohen-Olivar
France Pierre Yver
ALD C2 A 6
BMW M80 3.5L I6
C2 160 Germany Gebhardt Motorsport Germany Hellmut Mundas
Germany Günter Gebhardt
Germany Rudi Seher
Gebhardt JC873 ? 2
Audi 1.9L Turbo I5
DNS C1 42 France Noël del Bello France Jacques Guillot
France Roland Biancone
Switzerland Bernard Santal
Sauber C8 G -
Mercedes-Benz M117 5.0L Turbo V8
DNS C2 181 Italy Techno Racing Italy Giovanni Lavaggi
Italy Luigi Taverna
Olmas GLT-200 A -
Ford Cosworth DFL 3.0L V8


  • Pole Position - #61 Team Sauber Mercedes - 1:31.690
  • Fastest Lap - #61 Team Sauber Mercedes - 1:35.750
  • Average Speed - 206.019 km/h


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