Damir Kahriman

Damir Kahriman is a Serbian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Lamia in the Greek Super League. He was a member of the Serbia national under-21 football team during the 2007 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship held in the Netherlands in which Serbia reached the final and the keeper was selected for the tournament's starting eleven. Red Star BelgradeSerbian SuperLiga: 2015–16, 2017–18 SerbiaUEFA European Under-21 Championship: Runner-up 2007 Serbian SuperLiga Team of the Season: 2015–16 Damir Kahriman at Damir Kahriman at Damir Kahriman at Soccerway Guardian's Stats Centre -

Agnorhiza elata

Agnorhiza elata is a species of flowering plants known by the common name Hall's mule's ears. It is endemic to California, where it is known only from a section of the central Sierra Nevada foothills, it occurs in a region stretching from Tuolumne County to Fresno County, but a few isolated populations have been found in Tulare County. Agnorhiza elata occurs in woodlands and pine forests, it is a perennial herb growing from a thick caudex unit. The hairy stem grows erect to a maximum height around one meter; the leaves have triangular blades up to 20 centimeters long. They are coated in woolly hairs and resin glands, the edges are smooth or serrated; the inflorescence is made up of one or more flower heads. The head has lance-shaped phyllaries and has up to 20 yellow ray florets which can be up to 6 centimeters long; the fruit is an achene over a centimeter long tipped with a pappus. United States Department of Agriculture Plants Profile Calphotos Photo gallery, University of California @ Berkeley