1993 English cricket season

The 1993 English cricket season was the 94th in which the County Championship had been an official competition. The highlight was the dramatic arrival on the English scene of Shane Warne and his remarkable "Gatting Ball". Australia, led by Allan Border, now had a strong team and won the Ashes series 4-1. Mike Gatting made amends on the domestic scene as he led Middlesex to another Britannic Assurance County Championship. County Championship - Middlesex NatWest Trophy - Warwickshire Sunday League - Glamorgan Benson & Hedges Cup - Derbyshire Minor Counties Championship - Staffordshire MCCA Knockout Trophy - Staffordshire Second XI Championship - Middlesex II Wisden - David Boon, Ian Healy, Merv Hughes, Shane Warne, Steve Watkin The Zimbabwe national cricket team made a short tour of England in August and September, they played two limited overs and three first-class matches against county opposition. Playfair Cricket Annual 1994 Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1994

The Best of Diamond Head

The Best of Diamond Head is a compilation album by the heavy metal band Diamond Head and was released by Half Moon Records in 1999. This is the band's most comprehensive attempt at a definitive greatest hits. Although the record was released in 1999 it does not contain any material off their 1992 studio release Death and Progress, it does not contain one of Diamond Head's most popular songs, The Prince, which features in their lives sets and is one of their more well known songs since Metallica covered it on their Garage Inc. release. Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich assisted in the mixing of this album, due to Diamond Head's influence on his and James Hetfield's musical style. All tracks are written by Brian Tatler and Sean Harris


Aacharya is a 2006 Indian Tamil-language gangster action drama film written and directed by Ravi, an erstwhile assistant of director Bala. The film features Vignesh and newcomer Divya in lead roles, with Nassar, Charan Raj, Ganja Karuppu, Devan and C. Ezhumalai playing supporting roles; the film had musical score by Srikanth Deva and was released on 23 June 2006. Yadhunandhan is born in a poor Brahmin family, he lived in an Agraharam in Mannargudi and he had to go on a daily alms round to collect food, his father left the family at an early age and his mother died shortly after, a kind-hearted muslim man took the young Yadhunandhan with him and became his adoptive father. Many years the pious Yadhunandhan comes to the city Madurai with his degrees in hand to look for a job. One night, the thief Kokki steals Yadhunandhan's bag and the police arrest the innocent Yadhunandhan for no particular reason; the police inspector Sivanandi has sympathy for the Yadhunandhan. Yadhunandhan does all the dirty work in the police station, he gets his daily food and sleeps in the station.

The situation forces the police inspector Sivanandi there to plead Yadhunandhan to accept a crime that he has not committed. In jail, Yadhunandhan crosses over Kokki who advises him to stay away from police and convinces him to meet Mayakka. Upon release from prison, he meets Mayakka, the authoritarian gang leader, who lords over the market. Impressed by Yadhunandhan's kind words, Mayakka takes him under her wings and gives him a place to live, Yadhunandhan is now called Samy; the soft-spoken Yadhunandhan befriends with Mayakka's gang members and Yadhunandhan discovers that Mayakka is, in fact, a kind-hearted person who joined the underworld for a living after the murder of her rowdy husband. Mayakka along with six others work for the local bigwig Annavi Thevar, an influential and intimidating figure. Annavi Thevar rules the criminal underworld of the city the police department is afraid of Annavi Thevar. In the meantime and Devakosa Mangai fall in love with each other. Yadhunandhan helps her to get selected as police officer thanks to Annavi Thevar's influence.

Koorumathi is a gang leader who wants to control Mayakka's market, so Koorumathi and his henchmen brutally murder Mayakka in broad daylight. Thereafter, SP Thiruvasagam advises Koorumathi to surrender. Yadhunandhan, a pacifist and God-fearing man, decides to kill Koorumathi with the help of his friends for murdering Mayakka. On his way to the magistrate's house, Koorumathi is killed by Yadhunandhan in cold blood; the murders of Mayakka and Koorumathi, trigger a brutal gang war, the police have been overtaken by the events. The government has given free rein to the police to stop the gang war and to encounter all the rowdies. Yadhunandhan and his friends have no choice. Yadhunandhan realises that Annavi Thevar sells out to the police to save his life. Sivanandi arrests Yadhunandhan but instead of encounter him, he sends him to jail, because Sivanandi felt guilty for sending the innocent Yadhunandhan in jail in the past. Devakosa Mangai becomes a police officer and swears to Yadhunandhan that she will save him at any cost.

Thiruvasagam wants Yadhunandhan to disclose the place. Yadhunandhan convinces him to not kill the rowdies but to punish Annavi Thevar, the real culprit of this mess. Yadhunandhan swears that he will testify against Annavi Thevar. At the court, two killers and a mole in the police department, appointed by Annavi Thevar, try to attack Yadhunandhan but they fail. In a desperate move to save Annavi Thevar, his faithful henchman Pammathan threatens to shoot if the police don't release Annavi Thevar, Thiruvasagam shoots him in the leg and Pammathan triggers his gun; the bullet hits Devakosa Mangai in the head and she dies on the spot. The film ends with Yadhunandhan bursting into tears and his adoptive father takes Yadhunandhan with him. Ravi, who entered the cinema field, came from director Bala’s school of learning. With his first film, with actor Vignesh, Ravi is sure of his capabilities and believes in producing a good product. Based on a true-life story, director Ravi said to have chosen an interesting line and is treating it naturally.

That the written permission has been obtained from those whose characters are to be projected is an interesting aside. Actor Vignesh signed to play the lead role of a Brahmin who tries hard to uphold the rituals and traditions that are fast disappearing; the film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Srikanth Deva. The soundtrack, released in 2006, features 8 tracks with lyrics written by Na. Muthukumar. P. V. Sathish Kumar wrote, "Even if Ravi steers the narrative towards the inevitable cornball conclusion with little care for subtlety, Aacharya is still most a movie worth watching". Sify stated, "Vadivukarasi as Mayakka is superb and Charanraj as cop is good. For Vignesh, it is a comeback vehicle and he has done his best while Nassar is riveting as the guy with negative shades" and concluded that the film "is one of the better movies in the gangster genre". wrote, "Ravi has proved. A welcome addition to the directors keen on rendering movies on new themes". Another critic gave the film a mixed review, criticized the film's rushed ending.

A reviewer from wrote, "Aacharya is somewhat different and more fast-paced than the typical action films, it will be a successful film." Aacharya on IMDb