1995 McDonald's All-American Boys Game

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1995 McDonald's All-American Boys Game
1st Half2nd Half Total
West 6363 126
East 5659 115
Date April 2, 1995
Arena Kiel Center
City St. Louis, MO
MVP/MOP Kevin Garnett
Officials 1 Ed Hightower
2 Steve Welmer
3 Ron Zetcher
Attendance 16,201
Network CBS
McDonald’s All-American
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The 1995 McDonald's All-American Boys Game was an All-star basketball game played on Sunday, April 2, 1995 at the Kiel Center in St. Louis, Missouri. The game's rosters featured the best and most highly recruited high school boys graduating in 1995. The game was the 18th annual version of the McDonald's All-American Game first played in 1978.

1995 game[edit]

The game was telecast live by CBS. Chauncey Billups did not play due to a shoulder injury. Before the game, some of the jerseys of the West team were stolen from the locker room: as a result, Kris Clack had to play with a jersey without his name on the back, and Taymon Domzalski and Paul Pierce had to wear duplicates of Traylor's number 54 and McCoy's number 35, respectively. The first points were scored by East's Sam Okey with a lay-up. The game was dominated by big men, and Kevin Garnett won the MVP award recording 18 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 blocks in 22 minutes of play.[1] Other players who starred were Pierce, who was the top scorer of the game with 28 points, Ron Mercer (who played for his coach Steve Smith of Oak Hill Academy), who scored 19 points,[2] and Stephon Marbury who had 11 points and 10 assists.[1] The final score was 126 to 115[1][3] but McDonald's lists the result as 125-115.[2] Many players arrived at the game undecided about their college choice. Only one of them declared for the 1995 NBA Draft: Kevin Garnett, who became the first player in 20 years to be drafted out of high school with the 5th overall pick in the draft. Of the 22 players selected, 15 played in the NBA.

East roster[edit]


No. Name Height Weight Position Hometown High school College of Choice
3 Stephon Marbury 6-2 180 G Brooklyn, NY, U.S. Lincoln Georgia Tech
4 Sam Okey 6-7 220 F Cassville, WI, U.S. Cassville Wisconsin
5 Wayne Turner 6-2 180 G Chestnut Hill, MA, U.S. Beaver Country Day Undecided
Committed later to Kentucky.
11 Louis Bullock 6-2 180 G Laurel, MD, U.S. Baptist Michigan
12 Shammgod Wells 6-0 169 G New York City, NY, U.S. La Salle Academy Providence
15 Vince Carter 6-6 195 F Daytona Beach, FL, U.S. Mainland Undecided
Committed later to North Carolina.
23 Randell Jackson 6-11 215 C Winchendon, MA, U.S. The Winchendon School Undecided
Committed later to Florida State.
32 Ron Mercer 6-7 210 F Mouth of Wilson, VA, U.S. Oak Hill Academy Undecided
Committed later to Kentucky.
33 Shareef Abdur-Rahim 6-9 225 F / C Marietta, GA, U.S. Wheeler California
44 Antawn Jamison 6-8 210 F Charlotte, NC, U.S. Providence North Carolina
45 Luther Clay 6-8 225 F Pittsfield, ME, U.S. Maine Central Institute Purdue

West roster[edit]


No. Name Height Weight Position Hometown High school College of Choice
3 B.J. McKie 6-2 175 G Columbia, SC, U.S. Irmo South Carolina
4[6] Kris Clack 6-5 185 G Austin, TX, U.S. L.C. Anderson Texas
11 Ryan Robertson 6-5 180 G St. Charles, MO, U.S. St. Charles West Kansas
21 Kevin Garnett 6-10 220 C Chicago, IL, U.S. Farragut Academy Undecided (Did not attend)
35[6] Jelani McCoy 6-11 225 F San Diego, CA, U.S. St. Augustine UCLA
35[6] Paul Pierce 6-6 230 F Inglewood, CA, U.S. Inglewood Kansas
44 Albert White 6-6 210 F Inkster, MI, U.S. Inkster Michigan
54[6] Taymon Domzalski 6-10 245 F Roswell, NM, U.S. New Mexico Military Institute Duke
54[6] Robert Traylor 6-7 270 C Detroit, MI, U.S. Murray-Wright Undecided
Committed later to Michigan.
55 Derek Hood 6-7 210 F Kansas City, MO, U.S. Central Arkansas
N/A Chauncey Billups 6-3 202 G Denver, CO, U.S. George Washington Undecided
Committed later to Colorado.


The East team was coached by:

The West team was coached by:

All-American Week[edit]


  • Thursday, March 30: Coca-Cola JamFest
    • Slam Dunk Contest
    • Three-Point Shoot-out
  • Sunday, April 2: 18th Annual Boys All-American Game

The Coca-Cola JamFest is a skills-competition evening featuring basketball players who demonstrate their skills in two crowd-entertaining ways. The slam dunk contest was first held in 1987, and a 3-point shooting challenge was added in 1989.

Contest winners[edit]

  • The 1995 Slam Dunk contest was won by Vince Carter.
  • The 1995 3-point shoot-out was won by Louis Bullock.


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