1996 Baotou earthquake

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1996 Baotou earthquake
1996 Baotou earthquake is located in China
1996 Baotou earthquake
UTC time1996-05-03 03:32:47
ISC event962141
Local dateMay 3, 1996 (1996-05-03)
Local time11:32:47 CST
MagnitudeMs 6.4
Depth26 km
Epicenter40°46′26″N 109°39′40″E / 40.774°N 109.661°E / 40.774; 109.661

The 1996 Baotou earthquake (1996年包头地震) occurred on May 3, 1996, at 11:32 local time (03:32 UTC). The epicenter was located near Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China. It had a magnitude of Ms 6.4. The earthquake caused 26 people dead, 453 injured, and 196,633 homeless.

The earthquake was located close to the western suburbs of Baotou, and it was considered a typical urban earthquake. A landslide in Hademen Gold Mine (哈德门金矿) caused 6 deaths. There was damage to electricity infrastructure.[1] Liquefaction was reported in the low swamps along both sides of the Yellow River. Anomalies in gas radon and water mercury were observed before the earthquake. However, many of the anomalies were observed in Linhe, Baynnur, but the earthquake occurred near western Baotou.[2] Besides in Inner Monglia, the earthquake could be felt in Beijing, Shaanxi, and Shanxi of China as well as in Mongolia.[3] There was a large historical earthquake in 849 around the Hetao region, and some researchers located it in eastern Baotou.[4]

The earthquake, which destroyed many old houses, led to the reconstruction of Baotou. In 2002, the Baotou Municipal Government was awarded by UN-HABITAT for the improvements in shelter and the urban environments.[5][6]


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