1997 All-Big Ten Conference football team

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The 1997 All-Big Ten Conference football team consists of American football players chosen as All-Big Ten Conference players for the 1997 Big Ten Conference football season. The conference recognizes two official All-Big Ten selectors: (1) the Big Ten conference coaches selected separate offensive and defensive units and named first- and second-team players (the "Coaches" team); and (2) a panel of sports writers and broadcasters covering the Big Ten also selected offensive and defensive units and named first- and second-team players (the "Media" team).[1]

Offensive selections[edit]


Running backs[edit]


  • Zach Adami, Michigan (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Derek Rose, Iowa (Coaches-2; Media-2)


  • Phil Ostrowski, Penn State (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Steve Hutchinson, Michigan (Coaches-2; Media-1)
  • Mike Golf, Iowa (Coaches-1)
  • Rob Murphy, Ohio State (Coaches-2; Media-2)
  • Scott Shaw, Michigan State (Media-2)


  • Flozell Adams, Michigan State (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Jon Jansen, Michigan (Coaches-1; Media-2)
  • Eric Gohlstin, Ohio State (Coaches-2; Media-1)
  • Jeff Backus, Michigan (Coaches-2; Media-2)

Tight ends[edit]

  • Jerame Tuman, Michigan (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Josh Keur, Michigan State (Coaches-2; Media-2)


Defensive selections[edit]

Defensive linemen[edit]


  • Barry Gardner, Northwestern (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Andy Katzenmoyer, Ohio State (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Ike Reese, Michigan State (Coaches-1; Media-2)
  • Sam Sword, Michigan (Coaches-2; Media-1)
  • Aaron Collins, Penn State (Coaches-2; Media-2)
  • Jim Nelson, Penn State (Coaches-2; Media-2)

Defensive backs[edit]

  • Marcus Ray, Michigan (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Antoine Winfield, Ohio State (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Charles Woodson, Michigan (Coaches-1; Media-1)
  • Damon Moore, Ohio State (Coaches-2; Media-1)
  • Andre Weathers, Michigan (Coaches-1)
  • Amp Campbell, Michigan State (Coaches-2; Media-2)
  • Tyrone Carter, Minnesota (Coaches-2; Media-2)
  • Eric Collier, Northwestern (Coaches-2; Media)
  • Plez Atkins, Iowa (Coaches-2)
  • Ray Hill, Michigan State (Media-2)


Bold = selected as a first-team player by both the coaches and media panel

Coaches = selected by Big Ten Conference coaches[1]

Media = selected by a media panel[1]

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