1998 VFL season

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1998 VFL Premiership Season
Teams 11
Premiers Springvale
(4th premiership)
Minor premiers Werribee
(2nd minor premiership)

The 1998 Victorian Football League season was the 117th season of the Australian rules football competition. The premiership was won by the Springvale Football Club, after it defeated Werribee by 38 points in the Grand Final on 20 September. It was Springvale's fourth top division premiership, and the third of four premierships it won in the five years from 1995 to 1999.

League membership[edit]

There were two changes to the membership of the VFL for the 1998 season: the Bendigo Diggers were admitted and the Traralgon Maroons departed. The Preston Knights were excluded from the league in October 1997, but were reinstated the following month. Strategically, the Victorian State Football League desired to fully align the VFL with the statewide under-18s competition (the TAC Cup), with twelve clubs in each competition and one VFL clubs aligned with each TAC Cup club, and the changes were in large part driven by these motivations.


At this time, there were two regional TAC Cup clubs with no VFL affiliate: the Bendigo Pioneers and the Murray Bushrangers. In early 1997, the VSFL granted a licence to the Bendigo Football Club to enter a team from the 1998 season and to be aligned with the Pioneers. The club was newly established, unlike the VFL's other two regional teams – North Ballarat and Traralgon – who had been strong clubs in their local competitions. The club wore blue and gold and took the nickname Diggers.[1]


As a condition of its entry to the VFL in 1996, Traralgon had always intended to allow the members another vote on whether to stay in the VFL or return to the Latrobe Valley Football League after two seasons.[2] In those first two seasons, Traralgon had achieved little on-field success (a win-loss record of 4–31–1); off-field, its average home crowd of 1,200 was among the best in the league,[2] but its finances were stretched due to extra travel and difficulties attracting the necessary sponsorship.[3] There was division within the Traralgon board, with different news reports indicating the board recommending staying[2] or leaving.[3] Ultimately, when the vote took place at the end of November 1997, the members voted in favour of departing, and the club returned to the LTFL.[4]

Less than a day after Traralgon's departure was announced, a new group which included some members of the Traralgon board formed a new Gippsland Power senior football club board and applied to join the VFL as a replacement for Traralgon,[4] but this never eventuated and the VFL has since remained without Gippsland representation.


On 21 October 1997, the VSFL announced that it would not grant Preston a VFL licence for the 1998 season. As had been the case with the attempted expulsion of Werribee two years earlier, the decision came from the VSFL's desire to reduce the number of metropolitan teams from nine to eight to align it with the eight TAC Cup clubs from the greater Melbourne and Geelong region. It was intended that the Northern Knights TAC Cup team would be reallocated from Preston to Port Melbourne, and that the Geelong Falcons TAC Cup team would be reallocated from Port Melbourne to Werribee (which at that time had no affiliated TAC Cup team). The VSFL had reportedly debated whether Preston or Coburg would be the eliminated club, with the latter retained largely due to its superior playing facilities.[5]

Preston had been struggling through the 1990s, with no on-field success and difficulty retaining players, and it had courted former VFA club Prahran during the year to consider an administrative merger to help its finances.[6] Nevertheless, it fought to regain its licence, and in a meeting on 8 November it obtained agreement from the VSFL to delay its final decision and allow the club time to campaign for reinstatement.[7] Over the subsequent weeks, the club gained the support of the Darebin Council to upgrade its Preston City Oval facilities.[8]

Ultimately, it was Traralgon's departure at the end of November that had the most significant part to play in Preston's licence being reinstated. With no Gippsland-based team to serve as Gippsland Power's affiliate, the VSFL was faced with the prospect of having to align the Power with a metropolitan club, which would remove the need to eliminate the ninth metropolitan club.[4] In moves which took place before 1999, Gippsland Power was allocated to Springvale;[9] the Oakleigh Chargers were reallocated from Springvale to Port Melbourne;[10] and the Geelong Falcons were reallocated from Port Melbourne to Werribee. Preston then remained in the league as the Northern Knights' affiliate.

Premiership season[edit]


1998 VFL Ladder
1 Werribee 18 16 2 0 1938 1182 163.96 64
2 Frankston 18 16 2 0 1826 1292 141.33 64
3 Springvale (P) 18 11 7 0 1795 1177 152.51 44
4 North Ballarat 18 10 7 1 1389 1324 104.91 42
5 Preston 18 10 8 0 1346 1443 93.28 40
6 Sandringham 18 9 9 0 1294 1387 93.29 36
7 Williamstown 18 8 10 0 1446 1557 92.87 32
8 Port Melbourne 18 7 10 1 1450 1395 103.94 30
9 Box Hill 18 5 13 0 1404 1746 80.41 20
10 Bendigo 18 4 14 0 1333 1808 73.73 16
11 Coburg 18 2 16 0 995 1905 52.23 8
Key: P = Played, W = Won, L = Lost, D = Drawn, PF = Points For, PA = Points Against, Pct = Percentage; (P) = Premiers, PTS = Premiership points Source[citation needed]


Qualifying final
Saturday, 29 August
(2:00 pm)
Werribee 17.16 (118) def. Frankston 13.13 (91) North Port Oval
First Elimination final
Sunday, 30 August
(2:00 pm)
North Ballarat 13.9 (87) def. Preston 8.11 (59) Northern Oval
Second Elimination final
Sunday, 30 August
(2:00 pm)
Springvale 15.16 (106) def. Sandringham 5.8 (38) North Port Oval
First semi-final
Sunday, 6 September
North Ballarat 19.6 (120) def. Frankston 17.13 (115) North Port Oval
Second semi-final
Saturday, 5 September
Werribee 19.13 (127) def. Springvale 7.14 (56) North Port Oval
Preliminary Final
Sunday, 13 September
Springvale 9.10 (64) def. North Ballarat 9.8 (62) North Port Oval

Grand Final[edit]

1998 VFL Grand Final
Sunday 20 September

(2:00 pm)

Werribee def. by Springvale North Port Oval (crowd: 8,672) [11]
1.4 (10)
2.8 (20)
5.12 (42)
 5.15 (45)
2.7 (19)
6.9 (45)
9.10 (64)
 11.17 (83)
Umpires: James, Kelsey, Rowe
Norm Goss Memorial Medal: Ben Delarue (Springvale)
Camilleri, Frost, C. Gowans, Satterley, Whitnall Goals Smith 3, Caples 2, Knight 2, O'Brien, O'Donnell, Shipp, Taylor


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