1999 Khulna mosque bombing

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1999 bombing of Khulna
Location Khulna, Bangladesh
Date 8 December 1999 (UTC+06:00)
Target Ahmadiyya
Attack type
Mass murder; bomb attack; terrorism
Deaths 8
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami

1999 bombing of Khulna was a terrorist bomb attack on an Ahmadiyya Mosque in Khulna, Bangladesh in 8 October 1999. In the explosion 8 people died and around 30 were injured.[1][2] In 10 October 1999 Bangladesh Army removed a time bomb from the headquarters complex of Ahmadiyya mission in Dhaka, three days after the bombing. Two days after a bomb was recovered from Jannatul Ferdous Ahmadiya mosque in Mirpur, Dhaka.[3][4]


The Ahmadiyya are small sect of Islam whom many conservative Muslims consider heretical. There are about 100, 000 Ahmadiyyas in Bangladesh, where 90 percent of the population follow Islam.[5]


On 8 October 1999 a remote controlled bomb went off during Friday prayers in the Ahmadiyya mosque in Khulana, Southern Bangladesh, killing eight people.[6][7][8]


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