19th government of Turkey

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Adnan Menderes

The 19th government of Turkey (22 May 1950 – 9 March 1951) was a government in the history of Turkey. It is also called the first Menderes government.


Democrat Party (DP) won the elections held on 14 May 1950. This was the first election that was won by a party other than the Republican People's Party (CHP). Adnan Menderes of the Democrat Party became the prime minister.

The government[edit]

In the list below, the cabinet members who served only a part of the cabinet's lifespan are shown in the column "Notes".

Title[1][2] Name Notes
Prime Minister Adnan Menderes
Deputy Prime Minister Samet Ağaoğlu
Minister of State Fevzi Lütfi Karaosmanoğlu
Ministry of Justice Hilmi Özyörük
Ministry of National Defense Refik Şevket İnce
Ministry of the Interior Rüknettin Nasuhioğlu
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Fuat Köprülü
Ministry of Finance Halil Ayan
Hasan Polatkan
22 May 1950 – 14 December 1950
14 December 1950 – 9 March 1951
Ministry of National Education Avni Başman
Tevfik İleri
22 May 1950 – 3 August 1950
11 August 1950 – 9 March 1951
Ministry of Public Works Fahri Belen
Kemal Zeytinoğlu
22 May 1950 – 28 October 1950
22 December 1950 – 9 March 1951
Ministry of Health and Social Security Nihat Raşit Belger
Ekrem Hayri Üstündağ
22 May 1950 – 19 September 1950
19 September 1950 – 9 March 1951
Ministry of Customs and Monopolies Nuri Özsan
Ministry of Transport Tevfik İleri
Seyfi Kurtbek
22 May 1950 – 11 August 1950
11 August 1950 – 9 March 1951
Ministry of Establishments Muhlis Ete
Ministry of Economy and Commerce Hilmi Velibeşe
Ministry of Agriculture Nihat İyriboz
Ministry of Labour Hasan Polatkan
Hulusi Köymen
22 May 1950 – 22 December 1950
22 December 1950 – 9 March 1951


The government had the majority in the parliament, but Menderes resigned on 8 March 1951. According to journalist Metin Toker, Adnan Menderes asked one of his colleagues in the cabinet to resign, but the minister refused to resign. Legally, Menderes had no authority to force any minister to resign, and thus, Menderes preferred to end the entire government instead.[3] But the president Celal Bayar appointed him to form the next government also.


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Preceded by
18th government of Turkey
(Şemsettin Günaltay)
19th Government of Turkey
22 May 1950 - 9 March 1951
Succeeded by
20th government of Turkey
(Adnan Menderes)