1st Airmobile Division (Ukraine)

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1st Airmobile Division
1 АеМД.png
Sleeve patch for the 1st Airmobile Division
Active January 1, 1993 – 2003
Country Ukraine
Allegiance Ukraine
Branch Ukrainian Airmobile Forces
Type Brigade
Role Airmobile
Part of Southern Operational Command[1]
Garrison/HQ А0220 Bolhrad Ukraine
Motto(s) Nobody but us
Engagements peacekeeping missions (Yugoslavia, Iraq)
Col.Artur Horbenko 2002–2003 (last)

The 1st Airmobile Division (Ukrainian: 1 аеромобільна дивізія) was a formation of the Ukrainian Airmobile Forces from January 1, 1993, until it was disbanded in 2003. The formation was located in Bolhrad.


The formation of the 1st Airmobile Division was begun by an order of the Ministry of Defence on 5 May 1993 at Bolhrad from elements of the 98th Guards Airborne Division. Elements of the 217th Guards Airborne Regiment were used to form the 25th Airborne Brigade. Elements of the 299th Guards Airborne Regiment were used to form the 45th Airmobile Brigade. On 5 June 1993, soldiers of the division took an oath of allegiance to Ukraine. The formation of the division was completed on 1 December 1993. Between May and July 2002 the 25th Airborne Brigade moved to the village of Hvardiiske, Novomoskovsk Raion. The division disbanded in 2003 as part of the Ukrainian military reform.

Structure 2001[edit]

The Structure of the division on January 1, 2001:[2]