1st Army Corps (Russian Empire)

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1st Army Corps
Active 1877—1918
Country  Russian Empire
Russian Empire Russian Republic
Branch Russian Empire Imperial Russian Army
Size ~20,000
HQ Saint Petersburg

Russo-Turkish War (1877–78)
World War I

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The 1st Army Corps (Russian: 1-й армейский корпус) was a formation in the Imperial Russian Army, formed in the 1870s. It took part in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877—78, and later, in August 1914, the 1st Army Corps fought as part of the Second Army in the Battle of Tannenberg. There, it was defeated by the Germans along with the rest of the Second Army. During the rest of World War I, it took part in other operations, up until around 1918.[1]


The following is a list of units that made up the 1st Army Corps at different points during its existence:[1]


  • 1st Cavalry Division


  • 22nd Infantry Division
  • 37th Infantry Division
  • 50th Reserve Infantry Brigade


  • 22nd Infantry Division
  • 37th Infantry Division
  • 1st Mortar Artillery Division
  • 1st Saper Battalion
  • 7th Pontoon Battalion


  • 22nd Infantry Division
1st Brigade
85th "Vyborksky" Infantry Regiment
86th "Vilmanstranski" Infantry Regiment
2nd Brigade
87th "Neishlotski" Infantry Regiment
88th "Petrovski" Infantry Regiment
22nd Artillery Brigade
  • 24th Infantry Division
1st Brigade
93rd "Irkutski" Infantry Regiment
94th 'Eniceiski" Infantry Regiment
2nd Brigade
95th "Krasnoyarski" Infantry Regiment
96th "Omski" Infantry Regiment
24th Artillery Brigade


Officers that commanded the corps during its existence:[1]

1st Army Corps commanders
Appointed Commander Dismissed
1 November 1876 Infantry General Alexander Petrovich Barklai de-Tolli-Veimarn 19 January 1888
19 January 1888 Infantry General Mikhail Pavlovich Danilov 26 May 1896
14 June 1896 General Adjutant Feofil Egorovich Meindorf 19 December 1905
19 December 1905 Lieutenant General Nikolay Iudovich Ivanov 11 June 1906
9 November 1906 Infantry General Anton von Saltza 8 June 1908
8 June 1908 Artillery General Vladimir Nikolayevich Nikitin 11 March 1911
17 March 1911 Infantry General Leonid Konstantinovich Artamonov 18 August 1914
August 1914 Infantry General Leonid-Otto Ottovich Sirilius ?
6 October 1914 Lieutenant General Alexander Alexandrovich Dushkevich 13 April 1916
18 April 1916 Major General Vasily Timofeyvich Gavrilov After 1 December 1916
December 1916 Lieutenant General Nikolai Ilyich Bulatov April 1917
2 April 1917 Lieutenant General Alexander Sergeyvich Lukomsky 2 June 1917
June 1917 Lieutenant General Leonid Mitrofanovich Bolhovitinov ?

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