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Virginia Lago

Virginia Lago is an Argentine actress with an extensive career in theater and television. She is best known for being the host of the popular film series Historias de corazón, broadcast by Telefe. Virginia Lago was born in San Martín in the north of Greater Buenos Aires on 22 May 1946; until age 20 she resided in Villa Ballester. She attended primary school at Roberto Noble School No. 11, Tomás Guido secondary school in San Martín. She is the aunt of actress Fabiana García Lago. In 1963 she had a prominent performance in the play Pygmalion, she studied Theater with Marcelo Lavalle and Roberto Durán at the Institute of Modern Art and learned from many other actors. In 1966 she appeared on the well-received program Galería Polyana, broadcast on weekdays from May to October on Channel 9 with scripts by the theatrical author Clara Giol Bressan and a cast that included Susana Campos, Fanny Navarro, Enzo Viena, Ricardo Passano, Patricia Shaw, Aída Luz, María José Demare, Nelly Darén, Gloria Raines; as a result of the series that Virginia Lago hosted on Telefe, around March 2012, her image became the subject of an Internet meme in which her way of speaking and acting is parodied.

Videos in which she is imitated have circulated on YouTube and Twitter. In the parodies, emphasis is placed on Lago's unhurried tone, the diminutives and temperance in her speech, her recurring catchphrase ¡maravilloso! to describe a situation. Lago acknowledged that she cried about these jokes, but took them with humor. 1990: Winner of Best Supporting Actress for La bonita página 1991: Nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Cosecharás tu siembra 2006: Nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Drama for Montecristo 2008: Winner of Best Supporting Actress in Drama for Mujeres de nadie 2011: Nominated for Best Leading Actress in Special or Miniseries for Decisiones de vida 2013: Winner of Best Female Host for Historias de corazón 1984: Sea Star Award for Best Actress 1984: Prensario Award for Best Actress 1991: Diploma of Merit, Individual Category, from the Konex Foundation 1999: Podestá Award from the Argentine Actors Association 2009: José María Vilches Award for Por el placer de volver a verla 2012: Sea Star Award for Vivir en vos 2013: Clare of Assisi Career Award Virginia Lago on IMDb

2012 Hong Kong legislative election in Kowloon West

These are the Kowloon West results of the 2012 Hong Kong legislative election. The election was held on 9 September 2012 and all 5 seats in Kowloon West where consisted of Yau Tsim Mong District, Sham Shui Po District and Kowloon City District were contested. Ann Chiang replacing Starry Lee who contested the District Council functional constituency stood for the largest pro-Beijing party Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong. Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood's Tam Kwok-kiu replacing Frederick Fung who contested the new super seats as well, however lost to his ally Civic Party's Claudia Mo, not elected in 2008; the ADPL once again lost all the seats in this stronghold since the 1998 election. Before election: Change in composition: Legislative Council of Hong Kong Hong Kong legislative elections 2012 Hong Kong legislative election

Indonesia–Kazakhstan relations

Indonesia–Kazakhstan relations were established in 1993. Indonesia and Kazakhstan share some similarities. Both nations have agreed to increase cooperation in several economic sectors, such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, transportation infrastructure and machinery manufacture. Indonesia has an embassy in Nur-Sultan. Both nations are member of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation; the relations started with Indonesia’s recognition of the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on December 16, 1991. On June 2, 1993, Indonesia and Kazakhstan established diplomatic relations; however it was not until December 29, 2010 that Indonesia opened their embassy in Astana, reciprocated on April 13, 2012 by the opening of Kazakhstan embassy in Jakarta. Indonesian President Suharto paid a state visit to Almaty in April 1995, reciprocated by a state visit from President Nursultan Nazarbayev to Jakarta just over three months later. Seventeen years President Nazarbayev paid a state visit to Jakarta on April 12–14, 2012.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono reciprocated with a visit to Astana on September 2, 2013. According to Indonesian Ministry of Trade, the bilateral trade between Indonesia and Kazakhstan in 2012 reached US$63,156 million, a 90,5% increase compared to 2011 figure of US$33,153 million; the trade balance in 2012 was in favour to Kazakhstan that recorded US$46 million surplus over Indonesia. The two countries will boost investment and trade in the wheat and rubber industries, as well as in the production and exploration of oil. One of which, a joint venture to produce tires in Kazakhstan with a value of investment of US$100 million. There is plan to build Indonesian instant noodle factory in Kazakhstan, since Indonesia is one of the world largest producer and consumer of instant noodle and experienced in this industry, while Kazakhstan is one of the largest wheat producer in the region, which will render the supply and production process more cheap and practical; this is an opportunity for Indonesian instant noodle brands to penetrate Central Asian and European markets.

This practice has been done by Indonesian instant noodle brand Indomie. Embassy of Indonesia in Astana, Kazakhstan Embassy of Kazakhstan in Jakarta, Indonesia

Gerald Heeger

Gerald A. Heeger is an American academic and college administrator, he was the third president of University of Maryland University College. Heeger was born in 1942 in Iowa, he was raised in Nebraska. In 1965, he graduated from University of Berkeley, he earned a master's and Ph. D. in political science from University of Chicago. He was a Fulbright scholar in India. Heeger taught at University of Virginia in the department of government and foreign affairs. In 1980, he became dean of the school of continuing studies at Adelphi University and became provost and executive vice president, he became dean of the New School For Social Research in 1987. Heeger joined New York University in 1991, he was the dean of the New York University School of Professional Studies where he created NYU Online. In 1999, he was appointed third President of University of Maryland University College, succeeding T. Benjamin Massey who retired the previous year. In 2005, he was succeeded by Susan C. Aldridge. Heeger left UMUC to become the founding president of Whitney International University System Ltd.

Heeger is married to Geraldine, a librarian, college English teacher and a teacher of English as a second language. They have two children

Melanie Sisneros

Melanie Sisneros is an American bassist and a member of four bands: Crescent Shield, Whole Lotta Rosies, Hangar 18 and Mz Led. She is a former member of the bands Sinergy, The Iron Maidens and New Eden. Melanie Ann Sisneros was born the second of three daughters and raised in various towns in New Mexico, she graduated cum laude in Pomona College in Pomona, California, in 1994, majoring in Latin and Greek languages. In early 1998, Sisneros and guitarist/vocalist William Rustrum formed; the band released two albums before disbanding on December 2000. She stayed with them for over a year. In June 2000, Sisneros joined the Iron Maiden tribute band Wrathchild, where she took the stage name "Steve Heiress". A year she and lead vocalist Jenny Warren co-founded The Iron Maidens with former Phantom Blue members Linda McDonald and Josephine Draven and former Bandit member Sara Marsh, her stay with the band lasted a year before leaving both the Maidens and New Eden to join the Finland-based power metal band Sinergy.

She lasted all but one gig with Sinergy before the band released her. Shortly after returning to the U. S. Sisneros joined the heavy metal band Crescent Shield in 2003, they have one album - The Last of My Kind - and are signed with Italian label Cruz del Sur Music and German label Pure Steel Records. In addition to Crescent Shield, Sisneros regrouped with Rustrum to form the Megadeth tribute Hangar 18, where she uses the stage name "Mellefson", she plays bass for the all-female AC/DC tribute Whole Lotta Rosies, as well as the all-female Led Zeppelin tribute Mz Led. Sisneros cites Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, Geddy Lee, Bob Daisley, David Ellefson, Steve DiGiorgio, Markus Grosskopf and John Taylor as her influences. Corvus Insanus A Bit of Madness The Last of My Kind The Stars of Never Seen Melz Homepage