2002 Kalehe earthquake

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2002 Kalehe earthquake
2002 Kalehe earthquake is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
2002 Kalehe earthquake
UTC time 2002-10-24 06:08:37
ISC event 3509114
Local date October 24, 2002 (2002-10-24)
Local time
Magnitude Mw 6.2
Depth 10 km
Epicenter 1°54′18″S 29°00′47″E / 1.905°S 29.013°E / -1.905; 29.013Coordinates: 1°54′18″S 29°00′47″E / 1.905°S 29.013°E / -1.905; 29.013
Casualties 2

The 2002 Kalehe earthquake occurred on October 24 at 06:08 UTC. This earthquake had a magnitude Mw 6.2, and the epicenter was located in Democratic Republic of the Congo, near Lake Kivu. Two people were reported dead. Building damage was reported in Goma, Lwiro, Kalehe, and Mugeri.[1][2] The seismicity, volcanism, and uplift in the basin of Lake Kivu delimits the rift of a tectonic plate.[3] Lake Kivu belongs to the western branch of the East African Rift System (EARS). The western branch is usually divided into several segments, and Lake Kivu belongs to the northern segment.[4]


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