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Elections were held in 2005 for both Senators and Deputies to the States of Jersey.

Senator Elections[edit]

The elections for Senator were held on 19 October 2005. 6 seats were available. At the Electoral Assembly held on 13 September 2005, 15 candidates were nominated for the 6 available seats:

  • 3 incumbent Senators seeking a further term
  • 4 Deputies seeking a term on the Senatorial benches
  • 8 other candidates.

Only one female candidate sought nomination. Two declared parties put forward candidates: the Jersey Democratic Alliance and the Centre Party.


Deputy Elections[edit]

The election for Deputies was held on 23 November. Electoral assemblies were held in all parishes on 25 October. 52 candidates were nominated in contested elections for 23 seats.

St Helier Number One District[edit]

St Helier Number two district[edit]

St Helier Number three and four district[edit]

St Saviour Number one district[edit]

St Saviour Number two district[edit]

St Saviour Number three district[edit]

St Brelade Number one district[edit]

St Brelade Number two district[edit]

St Clement[edit]


St John[edit]

St Lawrence[edit]

St Martin[edit]

St Mary[edit]

St Ouen[edit]

St Peter[edit]



  • St. Lawrence - John Le Fondré; Deidre Mezbourian (2 seats)
  • St. Mary - Juliette Gallichan (1 seat)
  • St. John - Andrew Lewis (1 seat)
  • St. Brelade (District No. 1) - Sarah Ferguson (1 seat)
  • St. Brelade (District No. 2) - Sean Power; Peter Troy (2 seats)
  • St. Clement - Gerard Baudains; Ian Gorst (2 seats)
  • St. Saviour (District No. 1) - Rob Duhamel; Celia Scott Warren (2 seats)
  • St. Saviour (District No. 2) - Alan Breckon; Kevin Lewis (2 seats)


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