2007 Rugby World Cup – repechage qualification

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During the 2007 Rugby World Cup qualification, there were two repechage positions available for the finals tournament.

Repechage 1[edit]

Date Match Venue Result
20-Jan-2007  Morocco v  Portugal Casablanca, Morocco 5-10
27-Jan-2007  Portugal v  Morocco Lisbon, Portugal 16-15

Portugal win 26-20 on aggregate and advances to Round 2.

Date Match Venue Result
10-Mar-2007  Portugal v  Uruguay Lisbon, Portugal 12-5
24-Mar-2007  Uruguay v  Portugal Montevideo, Uruguay 18-12

Portugal win 24-23 on aggregate and goes to the 2007 Rugby World Cup, in group C.

Repechage 2[edit]

Date Match Venue Result
10-Feb-2007  Tonga v  South Korea Auckland, New Zealand 85-3

Tonga qualified as Repechage 2.

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